Daniel Widrig’s “Instances,” a collection of intangible forms created through 3D printing

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Instances by Daniel Widrig is one in a series of moments 3D printed. It is a computerized scenery that has been materialized. The virtual realm of digital information is huge and largely hidden; some are personal, while others are communal. The Instances encourages people to consider the potential of this digital information and how it can be used to create tangible forms.

Daniel Widrig established his London studio in 2009. Daniel worked for Zaha Hadid for several years after graduating from the Architectural Association, where he was heavily involved in creating some of Zaha’s most iconic structures and products. Daniel Widrig’s firm works with a wide range of mediums for expression such as sculpture, furniture design, fashion, and architecture. Having embraced digital technologies since its beginning, the studio enjoys a unique position in the industry and is widely regarded as being at the forefront of digital art and design.

Importantly, a plethora of this digital information outlines three-dimensional objects and spaces. Before the discovery of the cameras, the rendering of our physical world in its likeness was left to the artists. Using 3D printers, we may now experience items that have been created digitally and without regard for their fabrication or physicality. Scale-less objects can emerge from the printing chamber with all of their intricate details truly replicated, as if by magic.

All instances are not only developed but also captured as tangible things without translations, as opposed to the original versions, which are eternally morphable. These permanent counterparts are both foreign and familiar, built of data but now silenced. Everything from the world of technology cannot be brought into our already congested reality. Instances are carefully, accurately, and artistically selected to be with us.

Project Info

Material: Quartz sand (SH – F01)
Post-processing: Infiltration
Product details: The sculpture was exhibited at London’s Aram Gallery (UK) from May 16 to June 22, 2019

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