11 – 12 December

Design: NEXT 7.0

Meet the top talents and pioneers in a unique 2-day online conference. Get involved with a new way of thinking about the future of computation in design.


incredible people

Our speakers

Jenny Sabin

Computational Designer,  and Principal of Jenny Sabin Studio

Andrew Kudless

Computational Designer, And Founder of Matsys

Leonardo N. Arenas

Computational Designer at Kinetica

Oliver Thomas

Senior Design Technology Specialist at Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG)

Mariana Popescu

Computational Architect, & Assistant Professor of Parametric Structural Design at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of TU Delft

David Stasiuk

Senior Algorithm Designer at Nike Innovation, in the NXT Advanced Studio

Claudia Pasquero

Architect, Curator, Author, Educator, Founder and Co-Director of ecoLogicStudio

Marco Poletto

Architect, Educator, Innovator, Co-Founder And Director of ecoLogicStudio And the Photosynthetica Consortium

Travis Fitch

Designer and Principal of Fitchwork

incredible people

Our tutors

Erick Carcamo

Computational Desinger & Co-Founder of Allblackform

Emma Sanson

Architectural Designer

Settawut Leenavong

Generative Architect / Computational Designer

meet the


Hamid Hassanzadeh

Founder & Editor in Chief of PA
Educator at the PAACADEMY

Michael Pryor

CDO @ DesignMorphine &
Computational Designer @ Nike NXT

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What is CD NEXT

Computational Design: NEXT is a collaborative initiative by some of the global frontiers of Computational Design to open up an Online Learning platform as a comprehensive ONLINE CONFERENCE comprising of discussions, dialogues, tutorials, and mentorship to a global audience through thought-provoking and meaningful dialogues curated by ParametricArchitecture, and DesignMorphine.

Computational Design: NEXT 2.0

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11 - 12 December


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