July 16-17

Design: NEXT 10

Meet the top talents and pioneers in a unique 2-day online conference. Get involved with a new way of thinking about the future of computation in design.


incredible people

Our speakers

Elif Erdine

Architect and Director of the Emergent Technologies & Design  programme at the AA

Arian Hakimi

Founder and Principal of Arian Hakimi Architects & Former lead Designer at ZHA

Dinara Kasko

Pastry chef, Architect,
and the Founder of Dinara Kasko Pastry Art

Roberto Naboni

Architect, Ph.D., Associate Professor at SDU, and Director of SDU CREATE

Marcela Spadaro

Architect, Architectural photographer,
and founder of NAARO studio

Matias Del Campo

Architect, Associate Professor at Michigan Uni.,
and Founder of SPAN 

Sina Mostafavi

Associate Professor at  Huddersfield Uni.,
and Founder of SETUParchitecture Studio

Andrea Rossi

Architect, Researcher, Creative coder,
and developer of WASP

incredible people

Our tutors

Elshareef Kabbashi

Architect and Computational Designer

Laura Maria Gonzalez

Architect and Interdisciplinary Designer

Ignacio Revenga

Architect and Computational Designer

Dimitar Pouchnikov

Architect, Computational Designer,
and Educator

More details about all speakers/tutors will be added soon.

meet the


Hamid Hassanzadeh

Founder & Creative Director of PA
Educator at the PAACADEMY

Michael Pryor

CDO @ DesignMorphine &
Head of Procedural Generation @ Wilder World


day 1

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What is CD NEXT

Computational Design: NEXT is a collaborative initiative by some of the global frontiers of Computational Design to open up an Online Learning platform as a comprehensive ONLINE CONFERENCE comprising of discussions, dialogues, tutorials, and mentorship to a global audience through thought-provoking and meaningful dialogues curated by ParametricArchitecture, and DesignMorphine.


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July 16-17


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