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Member-Only Workshops

Revit Flow 1.0 – Digital Members

Revit Flow 1.0 is an introductory exploration of Revit, though it deviates from the conventional path of standard software tutorials.

FormVerse with Cinema 4D

FormVerse with Cinema 4D will teach Cinema 4D’s essential tools, and Corona renderer to create unique results in a faster workflow.

Grasshopper For Beginners 2.0

The workshop will have a more in-depth view of the Grasshopper3D and its applications in creating complex and breathtaking structures.

Revit for Beginners 1.0

The studio focuses on introducing participants to the BIM, and teach them how to generate 3D models and 2D documentation using Autodesk Revit.

Grasshopper For Beginners 1.0

Grasshopper For Beginners 1.0 is meant to teach the core principles of Grasshopper3D to provide the foundations for further advanced courses.

Rhino for Beginners 2.0

Rhino for beginners 2.0, which will last the entire weekend, is a course on Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper 3D for beginners.

Rhino For Beginners 1.0

The ‘Rhino for Beginners 1.0’ will cover basic 3D modeling terminology and tools using Rhinoceros3D through exercises and design challenges.

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