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Advanced Grasshopper 1.0

Introduction to the workshop:

The workshop will provide a unique experience of different 3d modeling strategies in Grasshopper, using various parametric design tools and approaches. The workshop will expand design creativity and will help participants to achieve an in-depth understanding of workflows in Grasshopper.

The scope of the workshop:

The workshop will focus on using different Grasshopper plugin assets and 3d modeling techniques in a rational order to achieve complexity as long as having exact control over the final outputs. More specifically, participants will learn how to combine data management tools and mathematical and geometrical components in Grasshopper. At the end of the first day, through several examples, participants will be able to expand their algorithmic thinking skills and will learn how to design the process instead of designing the sheer output object.

The second day will be dedicated to recursive algorithms and volumetric modeling tools; participants will learn how to use the concept of loops algorithms to design complex geometries and produce generative design iterations using volumetric modeling tools.


In the workshop, we’ll use practical methods to learn algorithmic design. The workshop requires a basic understanding of Grasshopper, and the level is intermediate, starting with simple examples and achieving complexity. Participants will learn different workflows in Grasshopper, use mathematical equations to design a surface, morphing geometries techniques, mesh tools in Grasshopper, recursive algorithms, design loops, and the use of voxel-based modeling tools.


At the end of this workshop, Participants will feel quite comfortable using Grasshopper and can design their algorithms instead of only following tutorials. They can use data management tools precisely and make combinations of different grasshopper plugins according to their design notions. They also will have a substantial understanding of mesh tools, volumetric modeling components, and recursive algorithms in Grasshopper.


Day 1

  • Project 1
    Mathematical surface design
    Attractor geometries
    Domain and control the effects of attractors
    Mesh tools 1
  • Project 2
    List management tools
    Manipulating data and its effect on geometry
    Geometry modifiers in Grasshopper
  • Project 3
    Unit cells and Voronoi fractions
    Attractor point as a factor for selection
    Concepts of random selection
    Mesh tools 2


Day 2

  • Project 4
    Volume models vs. mesh models
    Why topology is important
    Sorting data and partition lists in varied sequence
    Data jitter
    Post-processing subdivision
  • Project 5
    Recursive Algorithms in Grasshopper
    Random inputs in a loop
    Voxels to volumes
    Mesh strips


Advanced Grasshopper 1.0 - Amir works
Advanced Grasshopper 1.0 - Amir works


Important Notes:


Amir Hossein

Advanced Grasshopper 1.0 - Amir Hossein

Amir Fakhrghasemi is a master’s level architect and designer with great enthusiasm for the incorporation of technology into design practices. He has been working as an architectural designer for more than 7 years, collaborating with architecture firms on multi-scale projects. In the recent few years, he has been mainly focused on the investigation and research of organic shapes, responsive design, and computational workflows. Through these studies, he has explored and experienced various computer software and tools to develop unique design principles.

Advanced Grasshopper 1.0
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