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3D Printing Startups Showcasing Amazing Design Today, we think of 3D printing as an advanced technology capable of producing wonders. With close relations, in some cases, to parametric designs, it can produce everything from articles of clothing to major urban

Iridescence, Behnaz Farahi's Interactive Collar, Uses Hundreds of Actuators and Vision-Activated Technology to Follow Your Gaze and React with Life-Like Behavior. Created by renowned designer and technologist Behnaz Farahi, the Iridescence is an interactive, 3D-printed, and emotive collar, uses hundreds

Amphibio, a 3D Printed Amphibious Garment by Jun Kamei Which Function as a Gill Amphibio is a 3D printed amphibious garment by Jun Kamei which function as a gill to save human after the year2100. By 2100, a temperature rise

Dragonfly, a 3D Printed Dress Designed and Fabricated by Oleg Soroko and Mintsev Kirill Dragonfly, is a 3D printed dress designed and fabricated by two Russian artists Oleg Soroko of After Form and Mintsev Kirill. The collaboration between two artists

Neri Oxman's Wearable Structures for Interplanetary Voyages Neri Oxman's team at MIT Media Lab Creates Wearable 3D-printed Skins for Interplanetary Voyages. Wanderers, An Astrobiological Exploration Traveling to destinations beyond planet Earth involves voyages to hostile landscapes and deadly environments. Crushing gravity, amonious air,

Digital Substance of Oleg Soroko Was Generated by Algorithms in Rhino3D and Grasshopper3D Russian artist and designer Oleg Soroko of After Form explores and creates forms, modified by digital substance, generated by algorithm in Rhino3D and Grasshopper3D. Oleg is researching how

LOOM, an Adaptable, Wearable, and Flexible 3D Printed Dress by Maria Alejandra Mora-Sanchez LOOM by Maria Alejandra Mora-Sanchez is an expandable, adaptable, wearable and flexible 3d printed dress that adapts to all body types and body changes. Houston-based designer Maria

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