MIT Self-Assembly Lab creates a 4D Knit Dress using advanced 3D knitting techniques

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4D Knit Dress

Ministry of Supply collaborated with MIT Self-Assembly Lab to design a 4D Knit Dress that incorporates the latest innovations in 3D knitting. While fabric variation and standardized 3D shaping are now possible, customized shaping of knitted garments to fit each individual’s unique body or style has not yet been achieved.

The 4D Knit Dress is a combination of heat-activated yarns, computerized knitting, and 6-axis robotic activation, resulting in a garment that is sculpted to provide a personalized fit or style. Heat-activated yarns are embedded within a unique knit structure, enabling controlled transformation while maintaining softness, stretch and resilience.

By using an efficient tubular knitting technique, a 6-axis robotic arm (commonly used in automotive manufacturing) heats specific areas to take-in, mimicking the traditional dress tailoring process of pinning and tucking, and transforming the dress in real-time to create a perfect fit or a unique look.

Project Info:

MIT Self-Assembly Lab Team: Sasha Mckinlay, Danny Griffin, Sofia Chen, Lavender Tessmer, Natalie Pearl, Susan Williams, Agnes Parker, Jared Laucks, Skylar Tibbits
Ministry of Supply Team: Jarlath Mellett, Alessandra Vasi, Ryan Connary, Gihan Amarasiriwardena

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