Alien Intelligence (AI): Is it time to panic?

In this article, Neil Leach delves into the dual nature of AI, acknowledging its incredible potential as a tool while also highlighting the emerging capabilities that have begun to raise concerns.

AI-Immersed Artistry

AI-Immersed Artistry – Studio Hera Kim

In this workshop, we’ll craft distinctive installation art and interior designs inspired by the beauty of flowers and nature. We’ll delve into the art of crafting unique prompts using Midjourney, exploring functions like ‘stylize,’ ‘style raw,’ ‘chaos’ and more to infuse your creations with a distinctive artistic flair, setting your work apart from the rest.

AI Spotlight: 8 emerging designers of August 2023

We are delighted to announce our new series, AI Spotlight. As PA, we believe artificial intelligence-powered tools and new language models have more potential than many professionals expect. In this series, we will showcase new emerging designers who focus on AI.

AI Creative Challenge – Digital Members

We are excited to announce the AI Creative Challenge, a groundbreaking event that invites design professionals from around the globe to harness AI tools, such as Midjourney and Dalle2, in architectural design.

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