What does ChatGPT know about architecture?

Does ChatGPT know more about American architecture? How does ChatGPT make decisions, for example, when the Budget is limited? How much of a site-specific help can ChatGPT be? The following article will display such and similar questions and critically reflect upon them.

A guide to creating short video of your image on Midjourney

Do you know you can make videos on Midjourney? To make a short movie of your initial image grid being generated on Midjourney, use the –video parameter. React to the completed work with the message emoji, and the Midjourney Bot will email a link to the video to your Discord DM.

Taking Control: Midjourney x ControlNet – Studio Carlos Banon

The workshop will teach how to expand architectural concepts using Midjourney’s commands, as guidance. On the other hand, we will develop solid skills to further control geometry, materiality and atmosphere creation using Stable Diffusion + Controlnet, including inpainting techniques.

Midjourney Design – Studio Tim Fu

Midjourney Design will teach how to undertake commissioned projects using AI, learning to curate, evaluate, and critique their results towards their own goals.

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