Venice Architecture City Guide: 8 historical and modern buildings to see

Venice, a surreal floating city known for its unique architecture. Iconic canals, gondolas, and festivals draw tourists, artists, and architects.Modern touches by renowned architects, biennales, and recent structures complement historic buildings, creating an unforgettable Venetian experience.

8 best graphic tablets for architects

Graphic tablets are one such invention that makes working convenient for architects. Graphic tablets are considered the commonly utilized devices by designers and architects to assist in creating innovative designs


Designing with Purpose: Incorporating rainwater harvesting

The rainwater collection is a highly increasing subject with the current serious issue of water scarcity. Different harvesting methods for not wasting rainwater have been developed and still developing. These methods vary from basic rain barrels to complex setups with pumps, tanks, and even purification mechanisms.


AI Spotlight: 8 emerging designers of August 2023

We are delighted to announce our new series, AI Spotlight. As PA, we believe artificial intelligence-powered tools and new language models have more potential than many professionals expect. In this series, we will showcase new emerging designers who focus on AI.

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