Fabio Novembre and the idea behind his designs

Fabio Novembre frequently delves into the realms of identity, perception, and the human condition in his designs. His design philosophy pushes against traditional constraints, prompting observers to interact with both

Buckminster Fuller: “Doing more with less”

Buckminster Fuller, a renowned inventor and visionary of the 20th century, devoted his life to the pursuit of creating a world that benefits all of humanity. Functioning as a pragmatic

8 awe-inspiring works by Daniel Libeskind

Daniel Libeskind is a Polish-American architect whose architecture is well known for its expressive and complex designs that exude emotion through designs.

Design philosophy, career, and works of Abeer Seikaly

Jordanian-Palestinian interdisciplinary creative thinker Abeer Seikaly is an architect standing at the intersection of innovation and humanitarianism, redefining the boundaries of shelter and sustainability.

8 outstanding works of Jeanne Gang

Jeanne Gang, one of the world’s most successful women architects, is renowned for various projects under her studio, Studio Gang. Here is a list of 8 most recognized buildings of

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