Role of Mapping in Disaster Management

Disaster mapping, also known as crisis mapping, is a method used to evaluate, record, and communicate data regarding the location of a disastrous event as well as the distribution of

BRICS expanded by adding 6 new members

In the 15th summit of BRICS in Johannesburg, South Africa (August 22 -24, 2023), BRICS announced the expansion of its permanent members from five countries to eleven countries by adding

Germany economy lagged behind in GDP, PPP

The World Bank released the annual gross domestic product (GDP) based on the purchasing power parity (PPP) for countries around the world in the international comparison program.

An introduction to the newly established PA Geography

Parametric Architecture (PA) has made the decision to establish a dedicated geography section, hereafter referred to as PA Geography, to encompass various research areas within geographical science, with a particular

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