The design takes an evolutionary step at every turn of the century. Parametric Architecture is a reputed publishing platform with an innovative approach to reaching and inspiring our thoughts of a future where we design to co-exist in functional, productive, and comfortable surroundings. PA is a media company that researches art, architecture, and design that are visualized through computational, parametric, and digital design paradigms. These tools define and distinctly delineate how a system interacts in a coded language that will lead to envisage better environments for a better tomorrow.

Since its inception in 2016, PA has promoted, discussed, talks teach and explored distinct facets of design and technology that fosters to form parameters of a biological and ecological habitat. The company founded by Hamid Hassanzadeh aims to unfold the world of parametric through thought-breaking design articles, interviews, workshops, podcasts, and conferences published and screened through various online mediums. PA holds dear to its audience, with more than 1.5 million followers on social media, inviting them to recognize and imbibe the techniques and algorithms used by architects, designers, and coders. PA showcases prolific projects that are illustrated in powerful design software, tailored constructively to make our readers experience and raise awareness about these design practices and philosophies. PA surfs through creative waves on a voyage to discover stories, derive complex systems, and perceive and perspect curated ideologies, learning from the masters of design to configure a hopeful future.

Our dynamic team at PA stands to deliver pure art with playful amusement and passionate adaptation to ParametricArchitecture