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ParametricArchitecture (PA) stands as a lighthouse in the vast ocean of design and architecture, guiding and inspiring those who dare to imagine a future where our surroundings are not just spaces we occupy but reflections of our coexistence with technology, nature and each other. Founded in 2016 by visionary Hamid Hassanzadeh, PA has rapidly ascended as a vanguard platform, championing the integration of computational, parametric, and digital design tools in crafting environments that are sustainable, functional, and invigorating.

Our journey is fueled by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and a deep passion for innovation. At PA, we weave the narrative of a future sculpted by the hands of those who understand the power of design as a language—a coded dialogue between humans and their habitats. Through a meticulously curated array of content, including illuminating articles, in-depth interviews, interactive workshops, engaging podcasts, and transformative conferences, we endeavor to peel back the layers of the parametric and computational design world.

Reaching over 20 million minds monthly, PA has become a crucible of creativity and learning, inviting architects, designers, coders, and enthusiasts to embark on an odyssey of discovery. We showcase the projects that redefine our landscapes and the stories of perseverance, innovation, and vision that bring these projects to life. Our platform is a tapestry of influential design philosophies illustrated through software that stretches the limits of imagination, urging our readers to experience, question, and learn.

Behind every story we share is the heartbeat of Team PA Next—a collective of dreamers and doers, artists, and innovators, all united by a shared passion for the art of parametric architecture. Together, we are not just observers of the design revolution; we are its narrators, participants, and creators.

Join us at ParametricArchitecture, where each page turned is a step towards a future where design transcends mere aesthetics and functionality. It’s a transformation journey where every line drawn, every model rendered, and every algorithm coded is a testament to our belief in a world crafted through the lens of parametric, computational design, and artificial intelligence. A world where every creation is a story of ambition, inspiration, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Welcome to our vision of tomorrow—where we’re not just building environments but weaving the very fabric of the future itself.

Creative Team

Hamid Hassanzadeh​

Founder,  and Creative Director

Fati Hassanzadeh

Social Media Manager

Serra Utkum Ikiz

Managing Editor

Senanur Ülger

Communication Manager

Amer Pharaon

Architectural Educational Manager

Reyyan Dogan

Content Creator

Saliha Suvay

Accounting Manager

Sercan Horkal

Web Developer

Emre Onural

Web Developer

Sercan Horkal

Web Developer

Emre Onural

Web Developer

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