Serendix Sphere, An Affordable 3D Printed Capsule Built In 24 Hours

The Serendix Sphere is a cutting-edge housing prototype that uses in-situ 3D printing to efficiently and affordably construct tiny houses.

Echoviren, A Site-Specific & 3D Printed Architecture Pavilion

Echoviren, a site-specific modular pavilion and claimed to be the world’s first 3D-printed architectural building, created by the Smith|Allen firm in California, 2013, replicate and

Silkworm-Spun Pavilion II By Neri Oxman Exhibited In MoMA

In the Material Ecology Exhibition at MoMA in 2020, Neri Oxman‘s Silkworm-Spun Pavilion II, a thriving nature-centered idea and design, examined how people might advance


02 Beijing Air and Space Museum_Page_03

DreamEast Future World, An Aerospace Theme Park by Hetzel Design

The museum is designed by Hetzel Design in 2011 – 2013, with a significant distinction between DreamEast Future World and other aerospace museums and science and technology pavilions is the project's design, which places a strong focus on the visitor experience.
GATEWAY_Arturo_Tedeschi_Website_Cover_Template - small

GATEWAY, A Digital Installation To The Physical Item By Arturo Tedeschi

GATEWAY is a phygital experience produced by Arturo Tedeschi for meta WASTE and RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC2022, which is part of Fuorisalone Milano 2022 and directed by Rossana

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