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Rhinoceros 3d is most commonly used due to its capability of creating free form curves

Steampunk Pavilion © Tõnu_Tunnel Computational Design: NEXT 4.0 was a two-day interactive conference on the 17th and

© Hassell Studio Humans have been exploring the Mars for quite a while now. With the

© PAACADEMY - Studio Mamou-Mani / Eco-Parametric Structures / Group 3 - Scott Duillet +

Imagine waking up and taking a stroll across a 3d printed community. How about we bring a change starting from

An array of cubic forms, circular striations, angled triads, fluted chisel and monochromatic shades decor the 20th Serpentine Pavilion, designed

Hanging Eco-Gardens is an Eco-Parametric structure designed by three talented students Ara Keuroghlian, Luis Lopez, Yervant Megurditchian, as part of

An exponential curve streaks down the dwelling along its silhouette carving an aesthetically pleasing parametric roof. The Bezier Curve House

Fashion and architecture are co-related from ancient times, albeit it hasn’t knitted in such explicit. Object 12-1 represent a garment

NEST HiLo is a project by ETH Zurich & Block Research Group to investigate the feasibility of spraying a textile

Streamlining your horizon, actively arresting your gazes through framed openings in a staccato, presents a cultural centre in Hong Kong.

How cool is a chair that you can piece in like solving a puzzle! The Dutch designer Joris Laarman creates

A colossal and outstandingly towering structure envisioned to revel in its opulent aura inspired by the Victorian era. The new

Imbibe yourself in a nature-friendly environment spun by biophilic structures! The Solar Trees Marketplace is an inspirational natural diversity envisioned

An intermingling game of fractals cubes enthrals every eye in Sector 82, Punjab. Studio Ardete, based in Chandigarh, created the

It stands a test of time for a public building to comprehend its web of connections. Shizimen Central Business District

Machado Silvetti steps in to carve a new edifice for the Asian Art Center in Ringling Museum of Art with

The internet era has brought the whole world together in a digital bubble to meet, greet, work, share, and grow.

Computational Designer Jobs

Toronto-based architecture practice, PARTISANS, is

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A Poetic Pavilion, Project EGG by Michiel van der Kley Project

K2 Tower by Jo Jinman Architects in Seoul, South Korea K2

Berlin-based practice, STERLING PRESSER Architects + Engineers have designed the WH-Arena

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) by waa, we architech anonymous


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Hanging Eco-Gardens is an Eco-Parametric structure designed by three talented

Streamlining your horizon, actively arresting your gazes through framed openings

In Huanglong village, a mesmerizing structure knotted using bamboo rises

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Arthur Mamou-Mani, a world-renowned London-based architect was a part of an intriguing session in the

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Turkish architect Alper Derinbogaz joined us for a live discussion for the PA Talks series.

The Mexican self-taught architect Eduardo Neira (Roth) was a part of the PA Talks series

In this episode of PA Talks, the American artist Daniel Arsham discussed his works in

In this episode of the PA Talks series, the prolific master tutors of the upcoming

Tune into an insightful discussion in the PA Talks series with Chad Oppenheim, Miami-based architect

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