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The use of waste materials in the construction industry

Global material crises are approaching. The consequences of recklessly consuming resources are already being faced. It is foreseen that in a not-so-distant process, the days will come when reuse and transformation will be not just a choice but a necessity.

Nature-inspired design: Biomimicry in architecture

Biomimicry is derived from the Greek word; Bio means life and mimicry means to imitate. Biomimicry Architecture; is often referred to as a unique and technical approach to mimicking nature in creating various designs in architecture. The structure inspired by nature can be strong yet sustainable since nature is a long-lasting system.

60 terms architects should know about technology

When you’re new to technology as an architect or designer, it can feel like you’ve walked into a party where everyone knows what they’re talking about. Sometimes a brief and simple explanation is all that is required to grasp a new concept. And that’s precisely what we’ve got here: a jargon-free, plain-English tech dictionary for designers!

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3D-printed panels by Gramazio Kohler Research merging acoustics with aesthetics

The Acoustic Diffuser Panel System project, developed in collaboration with research and development partners Rocket Science AG, Strauss Elektroakustik GmbH, and fabrication partner Aectual, focused on designing acoustically performative wall panels with spatial and sound-aesthetic properties while considering the fabrication process.

Balanced collaboration between design and material by Robert van Embricqs

The aesthetically pleasing, yet intricate complexity of the natural form fascinates Robert van Embricqs. While he found inspiration for his designs in bone structure, plant life, and movement, one question persisted: ‘To what extent is an object capable of dictating its own design?’


What is Parametric Design in Architecture?

As an algorithm-based method merging the design intent with the design outcome, Parametric design has been the most debated design approach among architects.


3D Printing



Traditional Iranian architecture inspired modern coffee house by REMM Studio

Designed by REMM Studio, this building’s architectural design is inspired by traditional Iranian architectural forms such as arches. The concept design process began with the simplification of the previously mentioned forms; the shape of the arches was changed into three dimensions, and a new module was obtained.

A Japanese manga artist’s house by Tan Yamanouchi & AWGL

The building was designed by Tan Yamanouchi & AWGL in 2023 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. A wooden house sits on a small narrow plot (4.9 m wide, 14.7 m deep) in metropolitan Tokyo. The clients are an aspiring manga artist, her partner, and two owls who have recently joined the family.



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