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Top 10 Architecture & Built Environment master programs of 2022

Graduate applications around the world have started. In this process, where the procedure of each university is different and you are lost among many options, we have compiled the best universities in the world according to the 2022 QS World

10 unique underwater architecture around the world

Architecture has no bounds it is only limited to one’s thought process. Architecture is expanding into all layers of our biosphere, from building on the land to reaching the sky, up on the tree, under the earth, and now moving

15 smallest houses around the world

In designing a home, size is an important quantitative estimate in designing a minimal yet sufficient habitable space. Reduction of space is a factor that is posing a threat, especially to the construction industry.

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A new way to experience the city: Walking with AI by Moonwalkers

New AI technologies keep coming and coming. From AI that generates images which some consider art and some not, from AI that we can have a conversation or even do our writing works. Right now, a different way of using AI makes our cities walkability, Moonwalkers.

PA’s top 10 most read articles of 2022

The year 2022 was full of excitement for us! We have followed development in different fields such as design, construction technologies, artificial intelligence, 3d printing, and more.


What is Parametric Design in Architecture?

As an algorithm-based method merging the design intent with the design outcome, Parametric design has been the most debated design approach among architects.


3D Printing



Traditional Iranian architecture inspired modern coffee house by REMM Studio

Designed by REMM Studio, this building’s architectural design is inspired by traditional Iranian architectural forms such as arches. The concept design process began with the simplification of the previously mentioned forms; the shape of the arches was changed into three dimensions, and a new module was obtained.

A Japanese manga artist’s house by Tan Yamanouchi & AWGL

The building was designed by Tan Yamanouchi & AWGL in 2023 and is located in Tokyo, Japan. A wooden house sits on a small narrow plot (4.9 m wide, 14.7 m deep) in metropolitan Tokyo. The clients are an aspiring manga artist, her partner, and two owls who have recently joined the family.



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