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New York will replace its largest fossil-fuel plant with wind power

New York’s largest fossil-fuel plant, Ravenswood Generating Station, will be replaced by offshore wind power. This manufacturing facility currently powers 20 percent of New York City by burning fossil fuels. This power plant offers an energy capacity of 2,480 megawatts .

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Top 10 tallest skyscrapers around the world

Architecture and design are reaching new heights that an individual has never tried to cross the bridge or break the ice. Modern-day architecture is an example of how design with technology has evolved with time. Structures built taller are a

Balanced collaboration between design and material by Robert van Embricqs

The aesthetically pleasing, yet intricate complexity of the natural form fascinates Robert van Embricqs. While he found inspiration for his designs in bone structure, plant life, and movement, one question persisted: ‘To what extent is an object capable of dictating its own design?’

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A new way to experience the city: Walking with AI by Moonwalkers

New AI technologies keep coming and coming. From AI that generates images which some consider art and some not, from AI that we can have a conversation or even do our writing works. Right now, a different way of using AI makes our cities walkability, Moonwalkers.

EctoLife – The world’s first artificial womb facility

The concept of the EctoLife facility was designed by biotechnologist and science communicator Hashem Al-Ghaili which shows what childbirth might look like future. The artificial womb facility is powered entirely by renewable energy.


What is Parametric Design in Architecture?

As an algorithm-based method merging the design intent with the design outcome, Parametric design has been the most debated design approach among architects.


3D Printing



3D-printed Lunar structure developed by NASA and AI Space Factory

The primary function of LINA is to protect astronauts and critical mission assets from galactic cosmic radiation exposure, solar particle events, moonquakes, lunar dust contamination, and cryogenic conditions experienced during the lunar night.



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