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Prykhystok Skyscrapers, A Phenomenal Modular Design By Aranchii Architects

The Prykhystok Skyscrapers project aims to shelter temporarily displaced people by adapting its geometry and function to the requirements online.

CAFA Qingdao Campus, Cohabitation of Creative Freedom and Reasoned Design

CAFA Qingdao Campus is a critical strategic project for the Central Academy of Fine Arts in launching its new century strategy.

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Single Family, 3D Printed House By Mense Korte Architekten & PERI 3D Construction

The first 3D printed residential building of Germany, a 2 storey – single family house was designed by Mense Korte Architekten, constructed by PERI 3D
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What is Open BIM? And What Are Its Benefits Over Closed BIM?

Open BIM is a system of workflow that enables all the stakeholders in a project to collaborate with each other using a neutral file format

Space Architecture And Exploring The Human Habitations

Nowadays, space architecture, human habitations in the orbit, and on the other planets are becoming the most emerging topics among architects.

Top 5 Robot Manufactured Projects in Architecture and Design

Today, robotic applications are being used in the realms of architecture, construction, and research presenting a lot of opportunities for us.


What is Concrete 3D Printing?

With the proliferation of 3D printing, the construction industry embraced 3D concrete printing technology to build projects.


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Crystal Space City, Futuristic Floating Universe Envisioned By CAA Architects & LEGO

Crystal Space City consists of cube modules that can be used to build a city or even an entire planet and could relocate anywhere

Yangzhou Grand Canal Theatre, A Cultural Tie Between The City And The Lake

Constructed as the most significant cultural complex in the city, the Yangzhou Grand Canal Theatre is designed by TJAD in 2021.

Flower-Like Mesh Installations of Zhengzhou Metro by MASK Architects

Zhengzhou Metro line-7 station's interior was designed by MASK Architects in collaboration with Shenzhen-based Jiang & Associates Design (J&A)

The Baldacchino Of Chiesa Durita Woven by DeD Studio

The Baldacchino Of Chiesa Durita approached by DeD Studio aims to inscribe and restore the external and internal fabric of the church, retaining the original silhouette from…


Editor's Pick

Flotsam & Jetsam by SHoP Architects at the Design Miami

Text description provided by the architects. An immersive environment shaped by cutting-edge techniques, Flotsam & Jetsam celebrates innovation—and the beach.…

Masaryčka: A Modern Mixed-Use Development by Zaha Hadid Architects Takes Form

When concepts, dreams, and visions take solid form, it knits a zeal of triumph. Masaryčka building presents one such iconic…

SOFTSTONE Office Building by SETUParchitecture

SETUParchitecture, led by Dutch-Iranian architect Sina Mostafavi, completed the construction of Softstone, a mid-rise office building in Tehran, Iran.  …

Durotaxis, A 3D Printed Multi-Material Chair by Synthesis Design + Architecture

The Durotaxis Chair is a fully 3D printed multi-material dual position rocking chair designed by Synthesis Design + Architecture.

Aqua Tower by Studio Gang

Studio Gang Created The Aqua Tower With a Vertical Topography in The Facade in Chicago, Illinois At 82 stories, reaching…

Urban Dunes, a 3D printed vaulted urban microclimate for Abu Dhabi

Urban Dunes is a future solution concept to minimize the heat island effect for a severe environment like Abu Dhabi.