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The Body Architecture studio workshop explores the possibilities of designing the unique type of wearables

The demand for new-age, modern architectural designs is rising as urbanization is going more global.

There are many fantastic design tools and software that can help towards the creation of

Swarming Colonies is a generative design project and is one of the projects to come

In the new age where parametric architecture and computational design methods are seeing rapid inclusivity,

As Jean Nouvel rightly said, "Each New Situation Requires a New Architecture", Parametric is the

Computational Design: NEXT 5.0 was a power-packed event that showcased the versatility of computational design

A pioneer in her field, Architect Zaha Hadid was nothing less but a superwoman of

Computational Design: NEXT 6.0 included an enthralling set of masterminds showcasing their versatility in the field of parametric architecture and computational design. From engaging workshops,

Megapark unveils a geometric exposition immersed in natural vegetation. Designed by Architectkidd in partnership with landscape architects’ Landscape Collaboration, the Megapark infuses a recreational and

On this episode of PA Talks, we are joined by Soomeen Hahm, a design researcher, educator, architectural designer, and the founder of SoomeenHahm Design Ltd.

The Living Lantern, designed by NEON & Frankie Boyle Studio, presents an attractive installation that sways and flaps with illumination. The two design teams collaborated

The doubly-curved roof and latticed structural membranes knit by integrating advanced systems and human inputs, shape the next evolutionary step to sustainable construction. HiLo presents

It’s a calm oasis immersed within a grove of trees! Cambridge Mosque draws inspiration from local architecture and traditional Islamic principles conceived and designed by

Architecture is a performance, an expression composed to elevate and enhance the drama it portrays. Duett Düsseldorf stands strikingly tall as two iconic towers –

On this episode of PA Talks, we talked with Mahdi Kamboozia, awarded Iranian Architect and founder of the Tehran-based practice CAAT Studio. Hosted by Hamid

Poetry predates written text, from ancient times it was sung, recited and orated to now being compiled to books and digital audio formats. UK Pavilion

Orbital presents a glorious vision of a contemporary garden folly designed by FUTUREFORMS. The design initiates on geometric exploration and material zeal. The concept ropes

2021: A Steam Odyssey by SCI-Arc design faculty and robotics researcher Soomeen Hahm in collaboration with Igor Pantic, a London-based architect and designer presents that

Urban Park Micro Renovation by Atelier cnS + School of Architecture, South China University of Technology presents a multitude of exhilarating wavy structures composed of

Areuke Spa exposed as a tilted pyramid, designed by Chiasmus Partners garnishes in its limited space in a vibrant charisma. The building magnifies you, attracts

Audrey Irmas Pavilion, unveiled by OMA, elegant with a peculiar shift and tilt, harnesses the tradition and modern civic needs in an ingenious fad. The

Atyrau Bridge exudes sheer craftsmanship and symbolism blended wondrously by New Moon Architects. Stretching 314 meters long and 10.5 meters wide, the Atyrau Bridge exposes

A simple geometric expression fused by an organically morphed inner form. Louisiana State Museum and Sports Hall of Fame frames a linear edifice designed by


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It is quite a dream beyond time and space, that

In the outskirts of a national forest park in Chengdu,

LOYLY SAUNA by Avanto Architects in Helsinki, Finland Avanto Architects designed

Text description provided by architects. Resilient SKIN-code School will aim


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On this episode of PA Talks, we are joined by Soomeen Hahm, a design researcher,

On this episode of PA Talks, we talked with Mahdi Kamboozia, awarded Iranian Architect and

In this episode of PA Talks, we were delighted to invite Alexander Josephson, a Toronto-based

In this episode of PA Talks, Erick Carcamo of Allblackform joined us from Los Angeles,

Arthur Mamou-Mani, a world-renowned London-based architect was a part of an intriguing session in the

The DesignMorphine Founders, Tsvetelina Georgieva, Pavlina Vardoulaki, and Michael Pryor joined us for a live

Alper Derinbogaz is recognized as an ‘emerging and influential architect’ in Turkey and Europe. His

The Mexican self-taught architect Eduardo Neira (Roth) was a part of the PA Talks series

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