PA Talks 63 – Ida Rasouli

In Episode 63 of PA Talks, we had a great conversation with Ida Rasouli, an Iranian architect, multi-disciplinary designer, and concept artist.

PA Talks 62 – Alper Derinbogaz

We had a great conversation with Alper Derinbogaz, the founder of Salon, during PA Talks 62. We talked about his professional journey, the future of architecture, and his upcoming projects.

PA Talks 61 – Marcelo Spina

We had a great conversation with Marcelo Spina, an award-winning international architect and educator currently at SCI-Arc.

PA Talks 60 – Melike Altinisik

In Episode 60 of PA Talks, we had the privilege of discussing with Melike Altinisik, an award-winning architect, designer, and educator.

PA Talks 59 – Hassan Ragab

In PA Talks Episode 59, we had a chance to host Hassan Ragab, an architect, interdisciplinary designer, and conceptual artist with 15 years of experience spanning various domains.

PA Talks 58 – Huseyin Kilic

In PA Talks #58, we had a great conversation with Huseyin Kilic, the founder of Interesting Engineering, who is an entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology, engineering, and science.

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