INFINIUM Studio – Chantal Matar

The INFINIUM Studio aims to design a pavilion as the shell of the project to demonstrate the importance of upholding a balance between the art-digital-architecture relationship, particularly in this ever-evolving

Reactive Miniverse / Studio Friedenberg – Machmouchi

The Reactive Miniverse studio explores the fundamentals of architectural geometry and how it is implemented in geometries within a game engine to create interactive environments. This playful process aims to

Mars Architecture

Mars Architecture – Studio Valentina Sumini

The Mars Architecture studio workshop by PAACADEMY is devoted to the exploration of the computational design capabilities applied to space architecture.

Elastic Architecture

Elastic Architecture / Studio Jan Knippers

The studio workshop aims to introduce the potentials of material-driven deformation behavior for architectural applications. The workshop is organized by PAACADEMY in collaboration with ITECH, University of Stuttgart. ITECH will

Body Architecture

Body Architecture / Studio Filippo Nassetti

The Body Architecture studio workshop explores the possibilities of designing the unique type of wearables for different natural and artificial environments and how the human body and its prostheses would

Hanging Eco-Gardens / Eco-Parametric Structures

Hanging Eco-Gardens is an Eco-Parametric structure designed by three talented students Ara Keuroghlian, Luis Lopez, Yervant Megurditchian, as part of the PAACADEMY’s ‘Eco-Parametric Structures’ studio workshop with Arthur Mamou-Mani.

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