D5 2.7: Benefit from real-time rendering with AI and PCG capabilities

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D5 Render, the leading provider of real-time rendering solutions, has announced the rollout of a comprehensive upgrade for its software, which includes 35 updates and optimizations. Many of these enhancements are driven by AI and PCG (Procedural Content Generation) to further enhance the design-while-visualizing workflow.

Among its highlights are D5 Scatter, upgraded AI Atmosphere Match, AI Ultra HD Texture, AI Make Seamless, Text to 3D, upgraded D5 GI, advanced Grass materials, and high-quality Virtual Reality features. D5 Asset Library also boasts an extensive assortment of 309 new items.

These additions provide architects, landscape, and interior designers with an enriched toolkit to realize their creative visions with greater convenience.

Essential PCG Vegetation Scatter Tool for Landscape Designers

D5 Render unveils its latest cutting-edge tool, D5 Scatter powered by the PCG solution, enabling landscape architects to create stunningly realistic landscapes with unparalleled speed and efficiency.

With this tool, you can divide a surface into multiple areas, each accomodating different plant species from D5 Asset Library, to easily realize complex landscape designs like never before. Scattered plant models support individual/batch adjustments of density, proportion, scale, and orientation for various effects in a remarkably short timeframe.

Combined with the built-in Scatter Presets and about 4,000+ global plant models, D5 Scatter will help you create a natural or organized landscape with ease.

Besides, D5 Render offers lush and realistic grass materials for landscape architecture designers to create vibrant and visually appealing lawns.

Pioneering AI Workflow from Environment to Materials

AI Atmosphere Match: D5 Render announced the release of AI Atmosphere Match in its version 2.6, enabling designers to generate the desired sky, natural lighting, and post-production effects from reference images with just a few clicks. The tool has been further refined to produce more precise matching results for both exterior and interior scenes. Designers can save time by reducing the need to tweak environmental parameters, allowing them to focus more on the design aspect.

AI Ultra HD Texture on
AI Ultra HD Texture off

AI Ultra HD Texture: D5 2.7 integrates AI Super Resolution to automatically upgrade the resolution of grainy textures up to 4K, reducing noise and imperfections while preserving high-frequency texture details.

Make Seamless: D5 2.7 also incorporates AI Inpainting to remove seams between base color map textures for a consistent and natural effect. With AI Ultra HD Texture & Make Seamless, you can achieve more detailed visualization results within a shorter period of time.

Text to 3D: You can effortlessly transform texts into 3D assets in realistic, cartoon, or low-poly styles, unleashing creativity and bringing inspiration to life.

Real-Time Design & Rendering to a New Height

Upgraded D5 GI: The enhancements to global illumination algorithms in D5 2.7 bring us one step closer to achieving the quality of offline rendering. With a more color-accurate diffuse effect, unparalleled realism can be realized, enriching scenes with lifelike lighting.

Accelerated Rendering Speed: D5 2.7 now significantly accelerates the rendering speed for both images and videos, with an increase of over 45%, thus facilitating the review and revision cycle between designers and clients.

Higher-Quality Virtual Reality: The latest updates to D5 Render’s VR algorithms mark a significant leap forward to showcase design projects in an immersive and interactive way. You can embrace more realistic lighting with noise eliminated, leading to improved fidelity in VR experiences.

New Assets: The D5 team is thrilled to launch a range of captivating new assets, encompassing a diverse range of Lowpoly assets, walking characters, grouped characters, and an exquisite selection of new PBR materials. These additions are designed to elevate visual storytelling and push the boundaries of architectural visualization.

Seamless Integrations for 3ds Max, SketchUp, and More

D5 Render 2.7 now supports LiveSync for 3ds Max 2025 and SketchUp 2024.

You can review and evaluate your designs with real-time visual feedback and enjoy instant synchronization of model modifications, eliminating the need for manual updates.

As the D5 team continues to expand integration capabilities, look for additional LiveSync workflows customized for other modeling software.

Since the D5 Render team keeps pursuing better user experience, they have officially added support for the Spanish language and will add more languages in the future.

D5 Render 2.7 is now available for download, offering you an unparalleled suite of tools and capabilities to achieve extraordinary results in 3D design and visualization.

For more information about D5 Render and its latest updates, please visit.

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