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Rhinoceros 3D

Beyond Geometry

Beyond Geometry – Studio Bryan García Agudelo

The goal behind the two-day workshop is for participants to leave with a strong understanding of how the software works and how it can be implemented into the design process of any project.

Data Structure(d) Design – Studio Federico Borello

The workshop will teach the fundamentals of parametric design, structural analysis, and optimization techniques, enabling the students to create structure-aware and visually appealing architectural and engineering designs.

Grasshopper For Beginners 2.0

The workshop will have a more in-depth view of the Grasshopper3D and its applications in creating complex and breathtaking structures.

Grasshopper For Beginners 1.0

Grasshopper For Beginners 1.0 is meant to teach the core principles of Grasshopper3D to provide the foundations for further advanced courses.

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