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FormVerse with Cinema 4D

Formverse Workshop:

FormVerse course will teach you how to create impressive forms using Cinema 4D and shape them like a professional. Make parametric interactions, produce volumes, and adapt them to your references. Learn different modeling techniques, including hard surface modeling and symmetry, and create mean-looking structures from basic. And for the final how to showcase your work and highlight the beauty of your forms using Corona Render Engine for cinema 4D.

The focus of the workshop:

This course will teach how to use Cinema 4D’s essential tools to create unique results without struggling with the software’s details. Showing the secret power of hard surface modeling in architecture. Speeding up your workflow from one idea to creating a form beginning that Idea and expanding it to a building-like structure and rendering it with Corona engine while exaggerating the form’s characteristics in a specific type of style “Mean looking” of images.

FormVerse with Cinema 4D - Erfan Habibpour - Works
FormVerse with Cinema 4D - Erfan Habibpour - Works


The course will provide information about finding references for the desired form students want to create, importing the ideal image to Cinema 4d’s interface, and matching the scale. Starting from the basics of creating the shapes and lines and complicating them as we progress. Hard surface modeling techniques will be explained, and different forms of it will be used. In the second section of the course, conceptual rendering techniques will be discussed using exterior lighting techniques with a combination of artificial lighting.


At the end of the course, you can shape curved forms using Cinema 4d and progress your skills with different techniques in designing exciting structures. Also, create good-looking materials and render your project with the Corona render engine.

FormVerse with Cinema 4D - Erfan Habibpour - Works
FormVerse with Cinema 4D - Erfan Habibpour - Works


First Session: 15th July

  • Understanding of the primary Cinema 4D user interface.
  • Introduction to essential modeling tools and their usability.
  • Start importing our references to the interface and begin the modeling progress.
  • Forming out the polygons and creating interesting starting points.
  • Q&A session.
  • Assignment.

Second Session: 16th July

  • Expanding the topology and adding details to the polygons.
  • Final adjustments of the general shape and fixing points.
  • Adding depth to the form and using deformers.
  • Basic understanding of Corona engine.
  • Lighting the scene and creating materials.
  • Rendering the final image and final touches.
  • Q&A session.
  • Post-course assignment.


  • Cinema 4D R21 or higher.
  • Chaos Corona for Cinema 4d (latest versions are recommended).

Important Notes:


Erfan Habibpour

FormVerse with Cinema 4D - Erfan Habibpour

Erfan Habibpour is an accomplished 3D design and architectural visualization professional renowned for his ability to breathe life into creative ideas within the virtual world. With a new aspect of the architecture world and the new realm of the metaverse, his work combines the fields of art and technology, paving the way for innovative approaches in design.

FormVerse with Cinema 4D
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