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Revit for Beginners 1.0:

Learn the fundamentals of BIM and dive into your first design project. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the foundation of digital transformation in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Is the process of creating and managing information for a built asset. Based on an intelligent model and enabled by a cloud platform, BIM integrates structured, multi-disciplinary data to produce a digital representation of an asset across its lifecycle, from planning and design to construction and operations.

The Scope of the Studio:

This workshop will focus on introducing participants to Building Information Modeling (BIM) using Autodesk Revit. We will be working on typical building typologies, such as a residential building, and participants will learn how to create 3D models and generate 2D documentation using Revit. Revit is a powerful BIM software application widely used in the AEC industry that offers a wide range of modeling and documentation tools. The scope of this workshop is to provide participants with a basic foundation in BIM and Revit, enabling them to create their own 3D models and documentation for typical building typologies.


The goal of the Revit workshop for beginners is to deliver an engaging and hands-on learning experience utilizing BIM methodology. Participants will be able to view real-world examples of how the BIM approach is applied in the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector through project displays as part of the workshop. Furthermore, the workshop will feature a presentation in which the instructor will deliver a “hands-on” experience to demonstrate the Revit software’s functionalities. Following that, students will get the opportunity to practice and become more comfortable with the program by repeating the actions described. Students will work individually and if there will be time, students will work on a local file synchronizing their changes on a central file stored on a dropbox cloud.


By the end of the workshop, students will be able to set up a project, create and edit walls, floors, ceilings, master families, build mass models, and more. The final output will be a BIM model and a basic drawing set of the project.


Day 1: Saturday, April 8th

Session 1 (2 hours)

  • Introduction to BIM and its benefits
  • Overview of Revit and its key features
  • Interface and navigation in Revit
  • Creating a new project
  • Exercise
  • Q&A

Session 2 (2 hours)

  • Basic modeling in Revit: walls, floors, roofs, doors, and windows
  • Editing and modifying elements
  • Adding and modifying dimensions and constraints
  • Working with levels and grids
  • Exercise
  • Q&A

Day 2: Sunday, April 9th

Session 3 (2 hours)

  • Adding and modifying stairs, railings, and ramps
  • Creating and editing families in Revit
  • Real-time visualization
  • Exercise
  • Q&A

Session 4 (2 hours)

  • Working with schedules and tags
  • Introduction to sheets and printing
  • Collaboration in Revit: using work sharing and linking files
  • Exercise
  • Q&A


  • Autodesk Revit 2022 (student could use a different version but the instructor will not be able to follow if the version is different.
  • Enscape

Important Notes:


Riccardo Piazzai

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