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Formverse 2.0 Workshop:

FormVerse 2.0 continues the exploration of architectural creativity with Cinema 4D, this time showcasing advance modeling tactics to replicate AI-generated forms , especially those created by Midjourney. In this workshop, participants will learn to harness the power of Cinema 4D modeling tools to transform these AI-generated concepts into 3D models. From AI designs to interactive modeling and perfecting visualizations with the Corona render engine, FormVerse 2.0 offers a comprehensive journey into the future of architectural design, which also involves metaverse architecture.

The focus of the workshop:

The workshop focus on develope an architectural form concept using Midjourney giving breif tactics to selection and refining process to be transformed into cd4 modeling environment. Partcipants will gain valuable skills into the art of learning which images to choose, understanding the different angles, re-imagining the shapes underneath, and learning the best methods to model them with clean topology.


The course will showcase an intricate approach bridging concept ideation using Midjourne and how it can be adopted in a Cinema 4D modeling environment. We will start brainstorming using midjourney for the initial concept form, then move to Cinema 4D, covering basics shortly, then jump to professional modeling, tactics to break down some of our projects done using nearly the same set of techniques for interactive modeling to elevate your way of thinking of imagination with 3D designing tools.


After finishing the two-day workshop, you will be expected to design and convert your ideas into striking images with mid-journey and the ability to select the best outcome from the variations. Discovering the perfect approaches and tools to turn them into 3D models through Cinema 4D. We will create the same image compositions with Corona and render high-quality imagery with enhanced lighting from different camera perspectives.


First Session:

  • An introduction to Midjourney Concept Design.
  • Strategies for selecting the optimal variant from multiple generated options.
  • An introduction to the fundamentals of 3D modeling.
  • Braking down some previous projects.
  • Import detailed images to C4D.
  • Applying modeling techniques to the concepts.
  • Q&A session.

Second Session:

  • Advancing skills in 3D modeling.
  • Crafting a refined and polished 3D model.
  • Implementing Corona materials and textures.
  • Corona lighting techniques for dynamic effects.
  • Matching the Midjourney image with the result.
  • Rendering the final image and final touches.
  • Q&A session.


  • Cinema 4D R21 or higher
  • Chaos Corona for C4D (latest versions are recommended)
  • Midjourney (Membership is required with the basic plan being sufficient)

Additional Notes:
FormVerse 2.0 is considered an intermediate to advanced level course. It is recommended to review FormVerse 1.0 to gain a better understanding of Cinema 4D.

Important Notes:


Erfan Habibpour

Erfan Habibpour is an accomplished 3D design and architectural visualization professional renowned for his ability to breathe life into creative ideas within the virtual world. With a new aspect of the architecture world and the new realm of the metaverse, his work combines the fields of art and technology, paving the way for innovative approaches in design.

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