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Introduction to the workshop:

This workshop serves as an introductory exploration of Revit, though it deviates from the conventional path of standard software tutorials. Instead, it aims to unveil the fundamental components of Revit with a forward-looking perspective, highlighting its integration potential with Rhino Inside and its strengths within the AEC domain. Through these sessions, participants will gain the skills to confront modeling and parameterization challenges utilizing innovative tools and methodologies.

The scope of the workshop:

This workshop is designed to introduce participants to Autodesk Revit, emphasizing its application in the context of educational facilities. The complexity level of the workshop will be easy to moderate. Throughout the workshop, participants will gain proficiency in creating 3D models and generating 2D documentation and schedules using the capabilities of Revit. 


The  workshop provides a structured approach to mastering Autodesk Revit, using the California Academy of Sciences by Renzo Piano as an actual project example. It consists of four sessions, covering basics, practical modeling, complex challenges, and documentation. Participants engage in hands-on exercises and Q&A sessions to build skills and confidence. The methodology ensures proficiency in Revit while emphasizing its integration with other design tools like AutoCAD and Rhinoceros, offering real-world benefits in tackling complex architectural projects. 


  • Master Revit fundamentals. 
  • Proficiently model complex forms using Massing and families. 
  • Skillfully document and schedule a project in Revit. 
  • Effectively integrate data and geometry from various environments, such as AutoCAD and Rhinoceros, into Revit. 

Program of the workshop:

Day 1: September 30, 2023

Session 1 (2 hours) 

  • Workshop overview 
  • Interface and navigation in Revit  
  • Modelling basics 
  • Exercise 
  • Q&A 

Session 2 ( 2 hours) 

  • Topography creation 
  • Working with level and Grids 
  • Project Modelling: Walls, Floors, roofs, Doors, Windows 
  • Exercise 
  • Q&A 

Day 2: October 1, 2023

Session 3 (2 hours)

  • Complex roof Massing
  • Family Creation
  • Exercise
  • Q&A

Session 4 (2 hours)

  • Schedules
  • View templates
  • Sheets and printing
  • Exercise
  • Q&A


Revit 2024: Participants will have the option to obtain a student license for this software, which can be acquired from the following source.


Mustapha Nachar

Mustapha Nachar is a Lebanese architect and a computational designer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in architecture from City University and a Master’s degree in advanced computational design from the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC). His career has spanned Beirut, Dubai, and Austria, offering him diverse experiences in esteemed architecture firms.

Amid his journey, Mustapha’s designs have earned him commendable recognition. Notably, he secured the Jaguar Design XE award, an accolade that has fueled his passion. In 2014, his involvement in the Oscar Niemeyer Adaptive Reuse Competition showcased his talent and allowed him to represent Lebanon at the UIA Elsewhere event in Durban.

In 2021, Mustapha played an integral role in clinching the Jacque Rogueries Foundation Grand Prize as a part of the computational design team at Najjar Najjar Architects, a collective achievement that underscores the power of collaborative efforts. During his tenure at Bernard Mallat Architects, he introduced Dynamo as a transformative tool for design exploration and automation, remarkably enhancing efficiency by 60%. This journey of growth, recognition, and collaborative discovery defines Mustapha’s career in architecture.

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