Nexgen Sustanbiable City will be the world’s first climate-positive city

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Nexgen Sustanbiable City by URB, planned to be east of Cairo in Egypt, will be the world’s first climate-positive city. The 580-hectare sustainable city will provide 9,000 residential units for a population of 35,000 residents.

“Eco-tourism, medical tourism, retail, education, and leisure facilities will transform the city into a unique destination for visitors. Hospitality facilities include a 5-star eco-resort, glamping lodges, ecotourism visitor center, and a nature reserve conservation hub. Medical facilities include an autism village, rehabilitation & wellness center as well as clinics.”


Nexgen will be a self-sufficient and climate-positive city with focusing on green tech industries such as food-tech, energy-tech, water-tech and waste-tech, thus creating a circular green economy for the city. “The creation of the next generation Net Zero cities that provide Food, Energy and Water as security is no longer a choice… it has become a necessity. Nexgen is the next evolution in Sustainable cities that provide innovative multi-functional solutions for social, economic, and environmental challenges whilst setting the highest sustainability standards for building resilient & liveable cities.” said Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB.

The landscape is vital in creating a comfortable city for people to live in. As a biophilic city, the landscape design will offer numerous environmental, social, and economic benefits to its residents. In order to establish a sustainable urban environment, Nexgen implements holistic water-sensitive urban design [WSUD] strategies, which bring many advantages to both the residents and the environment.

Nexgen will feature the world’s first scalable food-energy-water & waste farms, linked to one another. The city recycles reject brine water from desalination to farm fish and halophytic plants such as Quinoa and Salicornia.

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