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Episode 44 of the PATalks is a conversation between Hamid Hassanzadeh and Patrick Abbattista, founder and CEO of DesignWanted, one of the best digital magazines about art, architecture, and design. Patrick’s multi-faceted experience in digital marketing for creative businesses and vision for realizing designers’ creative and commercial potential led to the birth of DesignWanted in Milan, in 2015. Today, the platform reaches over 20 million people every month due to its social media presence.

Patrick’s ambition is pushing the communication frontiers in the design industry, allowing creatives and companies to fully express their talent while sharing it with the world and connecting to each other.

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DesignWanted provides creative entrepreneurs and companies with an integrated eco-system of marketing tools and practical business content to help them reach their relevant audience. Patrick’s mission is to celebrate Design as a way of thinking and approaching business and the environment. In this episode which took place at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we talked about the journey of establishing DesignWanted and his passion for helping people through Design. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Patrick Abbattista.

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