Harudot Cafe uses simplicity with attention to detail, drawing inspiration from Japanese culture

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Harudot Cafe

Designed by the experienced team of IDIN Architects, Harudot Cafe sits proudly in the picturesque town of Chonburi, Thailand. This beautiful café is the result of a collaboration between the owner of Nana Coffee Roasters and a landlord with a penchant for unique plants. Derived from Japanese, the name “Haru” refers to freshness and growth associated with spring, while the name “Dot” refers to the starting point. The café has been conceived not only as a place to have a coffee but also as a place to offer a unique experience, incorporating the personality of the host into the design as well.

The architect chose to emphasize the theme of fresh beginnings and development by placing trees at the center of the design. A bottle tree (baobab) has been planted in an inner courtyard where the architecture’s gable form has been pushed apart to make room for its growth towards the sky. This makes it appear that the baobab seed was sown long ago and grew through the architecture over time.

Harudot Cafe

Harudot uses simplicity with careful attention to detail, drawing inspiration from Japanese culture. Its exterior features three elegant gables in black, providing a striking contrast to the warm pine interior. Once inside, visitors are greeted by a space that feels alive, its changing shapes and inviting lines creating a dynamic atmosphere. The café extends into small clusters, offering intimate spaces such as a bar, coffee haven, restaurant, meeting room, and toilets.

The strategically separated grand gable roofs create semi-outdoor spaces that are atmospherically inviting, creating a connection to nature. Barrisol stretch ceilings cover simulated void spaces inside, casting a bright, diffused glow and visually connecting spaces. Similar to a continuous ribbon, the seating arrangement nicely complements the interior and varies in height to meet different needs. Outside, the seating reflects an eco-friendly ethos, made from a blend of resin, coffee grounds, grains, and leaves. It fits perfectly with the cafe theme.

Harudot Cafe is a testament to purposeful design, providing an enjoyable experience for its visitors. Through the lens of IDIN Architects, the café not only satisfies coffee enthusiasts but also reflects the integration of architecture and nature, fostering creativity and inspiration.
It is perfectly designed and offers an experience inspired by Japanese aesthetics.

With dark wood interacting with the blue interior, the exterior reflects the humility and attention to detail inherent in Japanese design. Harudot takes visitors to a place of architectural innovation, and natural beauty blends well, making for an enjoyable experience.

Project Info

Architects: IDIN Architects
Area: 475 sqm
Year: 2023
Manufacturers: American Standard, Hafele, Latitude, Light Up, SCG, Sana, Sita
Interior Designers: IDIN Architects
Structure Engineers: NEXT Steps Design & Consultants Co., Ltd.
Contractors: Wimutti Construction Limited Partnership
Country: Thailand
Photographs: DOF Sky I Ground

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