Stefano Boeri Architetti unveils masterplan for Ramagrama Stupa

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Ramagrama Stupa

Ramagrama Stupa, which was designed by the Stefano Boeri Architetti, in Lumbini, Nepal, has been created to enhance one of the most significant places in the Buddhist world. Multiple Buddhist organizations and communities have committed themselves to preserving and sustainably valuing the Ramagrama Stupa, which is an archaeological site of exceptional historical and cultural importance.

The masterplan by Stefano Boeri Architetti, created in coherence with the historical and spiritual significance of the ‘stupa’ – the sacred structure that houses the relics of Buddha – aims to enhance the role of Ramagrama both as an archaeological site and as a place of prayer, meditation, and peace.

Ramagrama Stupa

The project includes a large Meadow of Peace around the sacred Bodhi Tree, which is a traditional sacred tree known for its high biodiversity. The Buddha Stupa remains intact, and a respectful distance has been maintained to make the archaeological remains accessible for future research. The large central lawn, which is 600 meters in diameter, is surrounded by a circular system of structures, cultural spaces, and areas for meditation and prayer, all covered by a Biodiversity Garden.

The Garden of Biodiversity is designed as a slope that hosts 80,000 plants of 70 different local plant species, selected from the native essences of the Terai plain, the birthplace of Buddha. It ends with an elevated circular path shaded by trees, providing a complete view of the Ramagrama Stupa.

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