Jungle Pavilion by MxM

Jungle Pavilion

The Jungle Pavilion, designed by Netherlands based architecture firm MxM, aims to engage people with nature and find inner peace. Inspired by the forms and geometries in the natural surroundings of the site, the pavilion is embedded in the landscape and merged with nature and architecture. One of the key features of the pavilion is the usage of the parametric design tools and techniques in the design process to generate the complex geometry of the pavilion.

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Jungle Pavilion

By using the 3d modeling software such as Rhino 3D and Grasshopper 3D the team was able to calculate the structural analysis of the entire pavilion with a unique precision. This allowed the architects to have more flexibility and more control over the form of the pavilion.

In the world of parametric design, all aspects of the design become changeable and mutually adaptable in response to external parameters. This allows the many systems of a building to be linked together via networks that provide continuous variations.

Jungle Pavilion

As planned to use local materials to build the pavilion, this beautiful setting designed by MxM demands graceful relations with nature. The organic structure of the Jungle Pavilion balances light and shade in the tropical climate to give shelter for users and feel the connection with nature. The organic shape of the pavilion merges with its surroundings.

Jungle Pavilion

About MxM Architecture

MxM is an Netherlands based interdisciplinary architecture and design firm with has focus on nature inspired, and technology driven designs. They work on different scale levels, from (interior) renovations to new-build homes and from utility buildings to restaurants and hotels. They create designs with a unique architectural character. MxM’s designs are creative, user-oriented and friendly.

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