Students at ETH Zurich created 3D-printed concrete choreography columns for dancers

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Dancers performed around 3D-printed 2.7m tall concrete choreography columns created by master students from ETH Zurich with the support of NCCR DFAB; the performance took place at the Origen Festival in the Swiss Alps.

“Concrete Choreography” installation took less than 2.5 hours to print by industrial robotic arms.

Students created 3D-printed concrete choreography pillars for dancers

Material and surface texture created computationally demonstrate the adaptability and tremendous aesthetic possibilities of 3D concrete printing when utilized in large-scale constructions.

The concept frames and informs the dance performances of Riom’s 2019 summer season and demonstrates how technology improvements may bring efficient and innovative expressions to concrete architecture.

Students created 3D-printed concrete choreography pillars for dancers

According to Ph.D. researcher Ana Anton, one of the teaching team at ETH Zurich’s Digital Building Technologies, “What makes our concrete printing approach outstanding is that we address both material efficiency and the aesthetic potential of this technology.”

ETH Zurich students are still working on different 3d printing methods. Learn more about ETH Zurich – Master of Advanced Studies in Digital Fabrication and Architecture projects.

Project Info

MAS DFAB in Architecture and Digital Fabrication | ETH Zurich
Teaching Team: Ana Anton, Patrick Bedarf, Angela Yoo (Digital Building Technologies), Timothy Wangler (Physical Chemistry of Building Materials)
Students: Antonio Barney, Aya Shaker Ali, Chaoyu Du, Eleni Skevaki, Jonas Van den Bulcke, Keerthana Udaykumar, Nicolas Feihl, Nik Eftekhar Olivo, Noor Khader, Rahul Girish, Sofia Michopoulou, Ying-Shiuan Chen, Yoana Taseva, Yuta Akizuki, Wenqian Yang
Origen Foundation: Giovanni Netzer, Irene Gazzillo, Guido Luzio, Flavia Kistler
Research Partners: Prof. Robert J. Flatt, Lex Reiter, Timothy Wangler  (Physical Chemistry of Building Materials, ETH Zurich)
Technical Support: Michael Lyrenmann, Philippe Fleischmann, Andreas Reusser, Heinz Richner, Tobias Hartmann

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