Alessandro Peritore uses AI to bring his artistic fantasies to life

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When Alessandro Peritore first became aware of MidJourney, he was immediately ecstatic. He had finally found the tool to visualize his artistic fantasies. Alessandro immediately sought to understand how to use this generative software in the conceptual design creation process in architecture.

As a student and lover of architecture, he feels obliged, now more than ever, to explore new horizons towards which mankind will have to move. He thinks artificial intelligence can be a powerful tool if used consciously.

His intent in generating images is founded in the deepest desire to experiment with new, sometimes even utopian, visions of the architecture we are used to. He tends to generate images that are as constructively realizable as possible. Of course, imagination is difficult to tame. Right from the start, he wanted to experiment with an architectural style that would truly fuse the architecture of the past with contemporary architecture in a single style, generating design solutions that combined ancient forms with traditional construction methods.

As an Italian architecture student, more recently from Genoa, He followed an unconscious path dictated by his cultural heritage and geographical location marked with certain architectural characteristics. He also investigated the method of decoration in contemporary architecture.

 Alessandro Peritore
 Alessandro Peritore

Alessandro is convinced that decoration in architecture no longer exists as it was understood until a few centuries ago. There are no longer any elements that intrigue the eye in getting lost in the most desperate forms of artistic expression. Art in recent centuries has detached itself from architecture, creating an artistic world reserved only for a predominantly museum-going public who is aware that it only sees art in that particular place. This is why the public is attracted to cities of the past because they are works of art conceived in the form of architecture.

According to Alessandro Peritore, more than ever, we have the right to make the places we live in better and more pleasant places. Architecture is a powerful means to achieve the well-being of a place. The stylistic aspect of architecture induces synaesthetic thinking and elaborates sensations. The loss of decoration and ornamentation in architecture is an oversight attributable to the progressive devaluation of artistic practice. For this reason, one of his major goals has been to investigate a research method for decorating contemporary architecture.

 Alessandro Peritore

 Alessandro Peritore

Furthermore, Alessandro Peritore focused on contemporary reflections related to the world of sustainability. He investigated different living forms in places where nature is hostile to human beings. He has also investigated this from the point of view of future reflection, generating innovative designs and methods related to living more and more in symbiosis with nature. Alessandro genuinely believes that in the future, this software will be implemented will certainly have more computing power and will be able to respond much more effectively and optimally to the given demands.

Therefore, he believes that investing in these new tools will help design professionals and others experiment and broaden their vision during the creation and conceptualization process. Alessandro concludes by saying he finds using and studying this artificial intelligence exciting and entertaining. He says it is an artistic assistant with a truly formidable realization technique and memory capacity. Today, the human being still inputs machine to generate artistic images. What will happen when the machine has learned the art of dreaming?

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