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Adobe integrates Firefly Generative AI into Photoshop

Firefly was released six weeks ago and has quickly become one of Adobe’s most successful beta launches. After that, a few days ago, Adobe released new AI integration which only works in Photoshop (beta).

What does ChatGPT know about architecture?

Does ChatGPT know more about American architecture? How does ChatGPT make decisions, for example, when the Budget is limited? How much of a site-specific help can ChatGPT be? The following article will display such and similar questions and critically reflect upon them.

Stability AI launched StableLM, rival open source for ChatGPT

Stability AI unveiled a new open-source AI language model called StableLM. Stability expects to repeat the catalyzing effects of its Stable Diffusion open-source image synthesis model. StableLM could be used to build an open-source alternative to ChatGPT.

A guide to creating short video of your image on Midjourney

Do you know you can make videos on Midjourney? To make a short movie of your initial image grid being generated on Midjourney, use the –video parameter. React to the completed work with the message emoji, and the Midjourney Bot will email a link to the video to your Discord DM.

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