artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Bundle III

The Artificial Intelligence Bundle III offers a unique opportunity to explore prompt crafting techniques and AI-generated designs with the expertise of three different instructors.

The Winners revealed for AI Creative Challenge 4.0!

We’re excited to announce the winners and honorable mentions of the global “AI Creative Challenge 4.0” event, where architects and designers pushed the boundaries of AI-driven design in architecture. This challenge aims to revitalize iconic landmarks using AI image-generative tools like Midjourny, Dalle 3, Stable diffusion, Runway ML, etc.

Creative Direction with AI – Studio Ida Rasouli

In this workshop we will focus on mastering technical tools, navigating Midjourney workflows, and honing curation techniques. Subsequently, the focus will shift towards fostering creative direction, harnessing the narrative power in concept design.

Google announced that Bard became Gemini

Google has announced new AI updates, including the Google One AI Premium plan with Gemini Advanced and a new Gemini Android app, available on iOS through the Google app.

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