PA Talks 32 – DesignMorphine – Webinars 2

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In this episode of the PA Talks series, the prolific master tutors of the webinars by DesignMorphine – Chantal Matar, Radul Shishkov, Keyur Mistry & Mateusz Zwierzycki are in conversation with PA. The upcoming webinars by DesignMorphine will exclusively cover a wide range of topics – Bionic Articulations, Contorted Compositions, Kinetic Correlations & Scripted Synergies. Here is the conversation between Hamid Hassanzadeh, Founder of PA, with the instructors:

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About Design Morphine

DesignMorphine, Founded by Tsvetelina Georgieva, Pavlina Vardoulaki, and Michael Pryor is a global creative design hub. They focus on workshops, lectures, projects, and explorations in architecture, design, and the arts. DesignMorphine strives to combine learning and teaching essential elements of trending design practices in a condensed way. Now they are a team of 29. The team is defined by the multidisciplinary approach to design and its education. The team strives to engage in conversions and dialogue between others to share experiences and learn from each other. They go by the code of teamwork in any project’s capacity, be it a workshop or architecture.

DesignMorphine is coming up with an exciting webinar on various stimulating topics. Exceptionally creative designers in architecture, design and art will be covering the topics.

These insightful classes will step up the questions:

‘How design is perceived?’


‘How will it lead to making a better future?’

Check out the DesignMorphine website for more details:

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In the PATalks interview series, PA’s founder and creative director, Hamid Hassanzadeh, sits down with leading architects and designers to discuss their lives, careers, and visions for the future. Watch/Listen to the episode or subscribe on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts to catch the whole series.

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