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Author: Hamid

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The Mexican self-taught architect Eduardo Neira (Roth) was a part of the PA Talks series

Topic: Architectural FolliesTime: 15th March – 8th April 2021Location: ZOOM hosted by PAFormat: OnlineTotal Sessions: 8 SessionsTotal Hours: 32 HoursWorkshop Type: Online

In this episode of PA Talks, the American artist Daniel Arsham discussed his works in

In this episode of the PA Talks series, the prolific master tutors of the upcoming

Tune into an insightful discussion in the PA Talks series with Chad Oppenheim, Miami-based architect

Time: 2nd March - 6th April 2021Location: ZOOM hosted by PAFormat: OnlineDuration: 6 SessionsTotal Hours:

Topic: COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN: NEXT 4.0Time: 17th & 18th April 2021, Saturday and SundayDay 1

Tune into an enthralling discussion in the PA Talks series with Ondřej Chybík, Founder Chybik+Kristof on

Asif Khan, the London-based architect was part of the PA Talks series discussing his alluring

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