High-tech mask “Xupermask” designed by Will.i.am and Jose Fernandez

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The famous musician Will.i.am collaborated with Honeywell and Jose Fernandez to create a $300 high-tech face mask, “Xupermask,” with built-in headphones. The collaboration of a SpaceX designer and famous musician with built-in Bluetooth headphones mask took the attention of anyone.

Xupermask consists of HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate air filters) that ensure the air you breathe is as clean as possible. It also comes with Bluetooth headphones and glow-in-the-dark LED lights. This superhero-like design is the work of costume designer Jose Fernandez, who designed spacesuits for SpaceX’s first manned mission and created costumes for movies like Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Men in Black.


Fernandez has incredible experience in the hardware and wearables industries, and joining forces with Will.i.am has resulted in a technologically and industrially strong product.

will.i.am’s company, i.am+, focused on ” wearable products,” has acquired a handful of tech products, such as smart home company Wink and machine learning startup Sensiya. Will.i.am’s audacity with its tech products ranges from a flashy iPhone camera case in 2012 to a 2014 smartwatch widely screened by critics and a 2017 augmented reality app that brought its comic to life. Now he is developing other experiences in the medical care technology industry.


You might think that the vaccine is available, new drugs are being developed and approved, and the hopeful end of COVID-19 is coming soon; you might think it’s a little late for this cutting-edge face mask, but will.i.am disagrees.

He believes face masks will continue even after COVID-19 is over, similar to how countries hit by SARS continue to wear masks years after the pandemic. Will.i.am told CNBC’s Jim Kramer, “I think people will continue to wear masks, and [if] masks like the Xupermask have other functionality, I think you’re going to [be] giving people an option.”

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