OZRUH printed a new furniture collection by using recyclable quartz sand

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OZRUH launched a new furniture collection named PRIMITIVES [1], which is created from 3D-printed sand. Each piece is produced with recyclable quartz sand.

“PRIMITIVES [1] uses cutting-edge techniques to craft detailed furniture using quartz sand particles. This approach embodies the collection’s core concept of strength and adaptability by seamlessly converting digital 3D pixels (voxels) into physical sand particles,” said Ozruh.

This collection goes beyond the usual design standards by combining innovative aesthetics with a strong focus on sustainability. The sustainable process involves using quartz sand as the primary material, which can be recycled several times. The technology also employs a dissolvable binder that supports sustainability and enhances production efficiency by binding the sand without requiring high temperatures, as seen in many other 3D-printing methods.

Levent Ozruh said: “The goal is to make designs that blur the contrast between archaeological and geological forms to aim for greater longevity than typical modernist geometries. Allowing the pieces to be more receptive to adapting to unexpected conditions, external pressures, and erosion.” and added, “This range of sculptural furniture demonstrates how we can use 3D printing methods to push formal experimentation and novelty with new applications of ancient materials to create long-lasting functional art.”

He continued, “Our studio believes that embracing the idea of antifragility* in architectural design offers a great opportunity to discover new ways to create shapes and structures while also making designs more sustainable. This way of thinking is similar to how we see natural materials like rocks as complete, even if they have some irregularities – differentiating from modern design, where even a small chip on a cube’s corner is seen as damage.”

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