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Building our Future with AI

AI has made an impactful debut in the world of architectural design, but how can today’s architects adapt to leverage the advantages of this technology?

Tim Fu, an architect and a practitioner of AI and computational design, is going to share his latest design workflows. You will get to know how he has been using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the architectural industry. The discussion will also encompass the future of the industry with the advent of machine intelligence.

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You can watch the session recording from our youtube channel.

Tim Fu

Tim Fu is a renowned architectural designer who specializes in advanced computation and artificial intelligence (AI). Emerging from Zaha Hadid Architects, he founded Studio Tim Fu, a high-tech architectural practice pioneering the integration of AI into visionary design. As an active educator, Tim has held various workshops on advanced computation in design. Furthermore, he is an outspoken advocate of the use and integration of AI in the architecture industry, speaking at various universities and conferences globally. Tim also amassed a following as a content creator, sharing his design and technological innovations on various platforms.

During the Midjourney Architecture Workshops series at PAACADEMY, Tim Fu’s students have been showcasing extraordinary talent and innovation in architectural design. These workshops focus on cutting-edge Prompt engineering techniques and creative exploration of parametric and architectural design using Image generative AI Tools, Below are some of Midjourney architecture students’ works:

You may also check out his upcoming workshop, Parametric Intelligence, where he will help you develop your technical and practical skills in using AI for architecture. Under the design and technical guidance of Tim Fu, participants will learn to fully develop their own design from 2d to 3d, using holistic AI workflow, going from AI concept design with Midjourney, parametric design with Rhino/Grasshopper, and LookX for detail development and rendering. We will learn how to sell a design, post-processing techniques, productivity strategies, essential resources, and an overview of other applications to prepare for the coming era of AI.

Tim Fu –  Parametric Intelligence Workshop

Event Location:

AURA Istanbul: Hasfırın Cd. Sinanpaşa İş Merkezi No:5 Kat:4, D:3, 34353 Beşiktaş

*The workshop will be in collaboration with AURA Istanbul, and Lazzoni Hotels will sponsor accommodation.

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Learn about parametric and computational from the online courses at the PAACADEMY:

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