NEOM unveils a new ultra-luxurious destination, Siranna

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NEOM, the futuristic city under development in Saudi Arabia, has recently announced a new ultra-luxurious destination, Siranna.

This exclusive development inspired by rock formation will feature a 65-room hotel and 35 private residences designed to blend into the surrounding mountain seamlessly. Siranna will be situated on a bay of the Gulf of Aqaba, accessible only by sea.

Recent reports unveiled the trademarks registered by NEOM, which include several names that will focus on providing hotels, wellness services, sports facilities, and other amenities and Siranna was also on the list of registered trademarks.

A few weeks ago, NEOM announced 2 new destinations, Epicon and Leyja.

Epicon is another upcoming project that will feature two magnificent towers. One of the towers will be 225 meters tall, while the other will stand tall at 275 meters. The towers are designed by a team of renowned architects, including Leonard Milford, Chris Jones, Alexey Golbraykh, Sonja Stoffels, and Gwilym Wyn Jones. The towers will house a luxurious 41-key hotel and 14 suites and apartments, which will be ultra-premium in nature.

NEOM will build Leyja, a luxury hotel with 120 boutique rooms and suites, inspired by a rock formation (similar to Siranna) in the 400m-high mountains of Saudi Arabia.

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