Towards A New Vision: 10 Inspirational PA Talks Episodes on the Future of Architecture

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Beijing Daxing International Airport – Zaha Hadid Architects

The current pandemic has indeed taken a toll on all our lives. It has enabled everyone to reach out and connect in various ways, mostly through the internet. Architects are incessantly being bombarded to unlock and initiate fresh perspectives of our upcoming future. ParametricArchitecture has been at the forefront of innovation while using a mindful approach and actions that trigger new trends into the field of architecture through the PA Talks series.

How will humanity sustain, secure, and flourish to transcend beyond more than being human; to become more defined and thoughtful as a species. The future of architecture is always a question that requires iterative tweaking, as all life on our planet treads through new grounds every moment.

Discover the 10 PA Talks interviews that will mark the enlightening vision of these eminent personalities in the field of architecture.

1. PA Talks 14 – Peter Eisenman

Peter Eisenman, Architect, Educator and Founder of Eisenman Architects, talks about the history of computation and how algorithms were created. The idea of how computers have transformed the way we approach design and data. Peter shares his ideas and how they break down scenarios with his collaborators and other professionals while working on a design project.

Architecture as a resistant form and what role do architects have globally and what does the historical lineage of architects show us? The legendary master architect Peter Eisenmann explains about the philosophies and the perspectives behind the architects we see today and the values we have to imbibe from the past, and then conjure our vision to see the new future.

2. PA Talks 10 – Patrik Schumacher

Patrik Schumacher, Architect, Theorist, and Principal Architect of Zaha Hadid Architects, explores the stream of Architecture and the versatile nature of this profession. He believes in the motto of ‘Theory, Practice & Business’ that defines the rules of today.

He shares his early days where he began studying philosophy before coming into practice and then falling in attraction with computation. The stories from 1988, the beginnings of ZHA and their working patterns are discussed by Patrik in great detail. ‘Parametricism’, ‘Tectonism’, ‘Robotics’ and many other principles are brought to light by Patrik’s words.

3. PA Talks 12 – Richard Hassell

Richard Hassell Architect, Co-Founder of WOHA, talks about his initial days, why and how he stepped into the architecture field. After he started his collaboration with Wong Mun Summ, they set up their architectural practise in Singapore in 1994. He had the opportunity to change things and visualize fresh perspectives of environment and social principles.

Richard shares his vision of how the world would be after this pandemic, how the world will see working in offices and coming together. Public and housing projects are discussed in much depth, characterized by which factors that get focused and what influences drive them to adapt to green and sustainability in their concepts and shares many more exciting facets of design.

4. PA Talks 24 – Moshe Safdie

Moshe Safdie, Architect, Urbanist, Educator and Founder of Safdie Architects began his journey from Israel, stepping into the world of architecture was a boon for this man as his exceptional thesis on three-dimensional housing made the breakthrough and brought fame to this legend. He says the world has become surprisingly efficient due to this pandemic, although there are other difficulties.

Safdie believes that this pandemic will enable us to reinforce our convictions. Safdie shares how he sees big projects and how they break down large scales into individual experiences. How to create intimacy, how to open views and bring nature into the experience and how to bring public activities into the spaces are the major factors that define a design. Safdie talks about his vision of a future city as a massive layout of an interconnected network.

5. PA Talks 16 – Michel Rojkind

Michel Rojkind is the founding partner of Rojkind Arquitectos and Vice President of Ground up Architecture at WeWork. According to Forbes Life a representative of a Mexican generation of architects transforming the country. In 2002 he founded Rojkind Arquitectos. Since then, the firm has been on a strong path of innovation and exploration of architectural programs and building techniques, successfully translating the complex forms of these new ideas into realities that can be built with local manufacturing skills.

Michel was born in Mexico City, where he took courses in Architecture and Urban Planning at the Universidad Iberoamericana (1989-1994). He has been a visiting professor at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) in Los Angeles, at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IACC) in Barcelona, and at University of Pennsylvania, PennDesign (UPenn) in Philadelphia. Rojkind has participated as juror for several international awards and competitions and has lectured in many different countries.

6. PA Talks 20 – Melike Altinisik

Melike Altinisik, Architect, Designer, Educator, Speaker, Founder & Principal Architect of Melike Altinisik Architects, engages in telling her journey through studies of architecture and working with Zaha Hadid Architects in her initial days to later opening her own studio, the MAA. She tells about the current scenario how this pandemic has made them shift their working to home.

The digital world is a great boon for the team to connect, share and work together, yet she still touches on the office environment and why it’s essential to see your colleagues and clients face to face. She talks about how we have to adapt to the new world and take things positively and believe in the greater good. Her designs are unique and awe-inspiring; she explains in-depth about their approach and design style to always think about the future.

Istanbul TV & Radio Tower is one of her upcoming work that deserves much appreciation, and she talks in great enthusiasm about its design and construction. She discusses many more on working with advanced softwares and how her projects stand apart in their vision and grandness, lifting from the usual structural outlook to evolve, functionalize and integrate spatial awareness.

7. PA Talks 21 – Kengo Kuma

Kengo Kuma is a globally acclaimed Japanese architect who has offices in both Tokyo and Paris. Some of his most recognized works include the Asakusa Vulture and Tourism center in Tokyo and the Nagasaki Prefectural Art Museum. In 2015, Kengo Kuma was chosen to design Tokyo’s Olympic Stadium for the 2020 games that have now been postponed due to Coronavirus. He recently created Ace Hotel’s first hotel in Japan, in a building that was previously the Kyoto Central Telephone Company.

The architect also completed his first building in Turkey last year, built to house the modern art collection of Erol Tabanca. The museum in the Odunpazari district of Eskisehir is formed of a cluster of boxes made from stacked, interlocking timber beams. Odunpazari, which means firewood market in Turkish, used to be a centre for timber trading and Kengo Kuma and Associates took this history as the basis for the design.

8. PA Talks 14 – Ma Yansong

Ma Yansong, Architect, Educator, Founder & Principal Architect of MAD Architects, talks about how he started his architecture firm. His passion for sketching was his first step into the field of design. Ma’s love for films is catapulted into every design he derives with storylines and narratives. The continuous discovery of yourself is what drives Ma Yasong to explore different possibilities in architecture and design.

Ma shares how the pandemic has affected their associations and how the office works with people from different country and time zones. He believes the virus to be healing the earth, and it’s the cause of humanity’s action that will be restored in time. Ma talks about different projects and how they approach and define organic shapes, curves and forms. His designs infuse a poetic character that brings a specific valued spiritual connection between the design, nature and the scene.

9. PA Talks 08 – Sanjay Puri

Sanjay Puri, Architect, Speaker, Principal Architect of Sanjay Puri Architects, talks about his beginning and how he stepped into architecture. How the legendary book ‘Fountainhead’ by Ayn Rand inspired him to take the profession. He shares his experiences of joining Hafiz Contractor, that gave him the taste of the field before enrolling into the architecture school.

He gives insights into the architecture of India, how traditional architecture is seen in the contemporary architectural concepts and approach. He shares his belief on why sketching is the fastest way to transfer ideas and thoughts onto paper. He talks about Indian cities and how the culture and traditions have set up a brilliance in their making.

10. PA Talks 19 – Mario Carpo & Gilles Retsin

Mario Carpo and Gilles Retsin discuss architecture and automation in the context of the covid-19 crisis and its aftermath. As global production chains have proven to lack resilience, local, digital manufacturing presents a compelling alternative. What does this mean for architecture? How do we as architects shape an agenda for increased automation in such a way that it benefits all? This talk explores a series of urgent questions that will deeply affect all of us in the near future.

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