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Vali Konagi Street. No.12
Nisantasi, Istanbul, Turkey

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Author: Jayakrishnan Ranjit

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About The Author

Jayakrishnan Ranjit is an architect from India with a passion for writing and storytelling. He focuses on scripting rich imagined stories on architecture, design and human nature. He researches on various facets of design and loves to explore the diverse nature of reality and fiction. He has written and published over more than 100 articles on architecture and design for various magazines around the globe.

Creating, moulding and shaping material to formulate a design require immense factor checks. One such

An experimental digital approach to conceive a brick shelter takes more than one hand. It

The imagination of living in a shell explores immense concepts and philosophies. One such bright

A futuristic cultural labyrinth imitating binary oppositions visualized by Kengo Kuma and Kajima Design distressed

The boisterous edifice of 'John Curtin School of Medical Research' basks in a structural drama

A sculptural and organic ultramodern obelisk unveils to define Istanbul's city profile, invigorating a sense

Faith triggers a capacious expression when confronted by an architectural aura. Our world needs a

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