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Sanya Jinmao

Sanya Jinmao Farm Lab: A Wooden Latticed Framework Building Visioned by CLOU Architects

Horizontal and vertical frames lace a farmhouse, a research center, and a display arena. Sanya Jinmao Farm Lab designed by CLOU Architects presents a striking structural composition of grids and guides in Sanya City, Hainan Island. Nanshan Co-life Pavilion and Nanfan Exhibition Hall in the Nanfan High-tech Park exposes two multifunctional spaces with 6,900 square meters of total construction.

Wind Pavilion

Wind Pavilion: Flaunting Curves Woven in Bamboo by Tongji CAUP

Wind Pavilion, designed and woven by Tongji CAUP, presents a bamboo-structured pavilion at the Longshanyuan in Anji City. The abode serves the tourists as a place to rest. The shelter can accommodate a small group for performances and team-building events. The curvaceous design enfolds various landscape characteristics from diverse aspects and integrates bifurcated herringbone sheds as the spatial prototype.

South Korean Pavilion

South Korean Pavilion: Illuminating Cubes! At Expo 2020 Dubai

A stadium of masquerading lights flickers in an illuminating ambiance! The South Korean Pavilion, designed by Moon Hoon and Mooyuki, explicitly flashes in dazzling shades at the Expo 2020 Dubai. The design concept visualizes the desert sunrise and its rays reflecting upon many dew droplets on a desert flower. The flickering of lights imitates the card stunts of spectators at a soccer stadium, also amassing the vibe of a rock concert. The design well expresses the cohesive and spontaneous energy of Korean ness in the moments the pavilion partakes.


Masaryčka: A Modern Mixed-Use Development by Zaha Hadid Architects Takes Form

When concepts, dreams, and visions take solid form, it knits a zeal of triumph. Masaryčka building presents one such iconic development convened by Zaha Hadid Architects in Prague. The construction has taken shape up to level three, with retail levels on the ground and first floors. The higher floors gather office spaces, cantilevered and terraced with roof gardens.

Prairie Cord

Prairie Cord: 3D Printed Ceramic Modular Blocks Weave an Arch Designed by Brian Peters

A latticed structure revels in a mirror-like pool, with admonishing beauty! A simple hemispherical curve weaves the Prairie Cord designed by Brian Peters. The designers showcased the project commissioned by Olbrich Botanical Gardens in Madison, Wisconsin. The artist interestingly envisaged a site-specific element that plays with light, shadow, and reflection during the day and night.

Bamboo Pavilion

Bamboo Pavilion: Dynamic & Luminous Experiment Woven by LIN ARCHITECTURE

Serenely sitting in the landscape as a small wave! Bamboo Pavilion presents a twisty and meandering form designed by LIN Architecture. Activating a rural public field space throttled the quotient that pulled the strings to up-bring rural construction. Designers and students joined in this rural experiment project, driving the possibility for rural design, ecological building, sustainable operation, teaching within research, and collective contribution.

The Living Lantern: Kinetic Light Installation by NEON & Frankie Boyle Studio

The Living Lantern, designed by NEON & Frankie Boyle Studio, presents an attractive installation that sways and flaps with illumination. The two design teams collaborated on the vision to bring forth the emotions of humankind, like a ray of hope in these unprecedented times. The Living Lantern profess the capability to adapt and transform.

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