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Author: Jayakrishnan Ranjit

  /  Articles posted by Jayakrishnan Ranjit
About The Author

Jayakrishnan Ranjit is an architect from India with a passion for writing and storytelling. He focuses on scripting rich imagined stories on architecture, design and human nature. He researches on various facets of design and loves to explore the diverse nature of reality and fiction. He has written and published over more than 100 articles on architecture and design for various magazines around the globe.

A Country without Walls a Future without Limits: 10 Design Reveals a Wall-Less Experience For

A secondary skin developed and programmed by Neri Oxman and MIT using water-based biocomposites for

Bamboo structures encase an ethereal ambience to envisage a space designed for spiritual practice. Khunying

A tantalizing snowcap nestled amidst snowy peaks in North-Eastern China echoes in scintiallting waves. Yabuli

A series of recurring sloping roofs define the new Nelson Airport Terminal designed by Studio

The Musée des Confluences museum recognizes itself as a public gateway to the knowledge of

A striking red bulbous bubble in the Huadu District of Guangzhou, China is the 'Sunac

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