Bamboo Pavilion

Bamboo Pavilion: Dynamic & Luminous Experiment Woven by LIN ARCHITECTURE

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Bamboo Pavilion

Serenely sitting in the landscape as a small wave! Bamboo Pavilion presents a twisty and meandering form designed by LIN Architecture. Activating a rural public field space throttled the quotient that pulled the strings to up-bring rural construction. Designers and students joined in this rural experiment project, driving the possibility for rural design, ecological building, sustainable operation, teaching within research, and collective contribution.

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Bamboo Pavilion

Beautifully set in the charming Chongming, an island with an excellent natural environment and ecological resources draws in unique advantages to deliver development conditions for local tourism and agriculture. Every weekend, tourists from Shanghai and the surrounding cities flock to Chongming. The Bamboo Pavilion, aesthetically lashing like a frozen wave imparts a celebratory harmony. During special holidays, the trips aggrandize. In the rural fields, besides the beautiful farmland, people’s activities have taken a novel shape to the stunning rural landscape.

Bamboo Pavilion

“During the process of over two weeks, the whole construction combines research and participation. With the help and guidance of professional workers and students, we could experience the project from the start to its completion,” says the design team at LIN Architecture.

Bamboo Pavilion
Bamboo Pavilion

How space can activate behaviors and become a social benefactor drove this space experiment in multifarious ways. Characterized as two, one is the extensibility of the horizontal plane, and the other held no aggregation in space.

Designers have introduced the field theory, breaking boundaries of vast emptiness to weave interaction between visitors and strangers. The flowy and curvaceous design attracts people to come into its enclosure and socialize. Crisscrossing patterns as the structural membrane knits the idea of coming together, a unifying bond. The design also showcases the current social scenarios of adhering to social distancing in a fascinating way. As the sun sets, the Bamboo Pavilion illumes in a warm glow, enriching the contextual environment.

Bamboo Pavilion
Bamboo Pavilion

Most of the people spend their time resting, talking, and transiting around the Bamboo Pavilion. They leisurely build up a sense of intimacy and connection by traveling from one field to another, experiencing from a comfortable social distance to tense proximity.

Project Details:
Project Title: Bamboo Pavilion
Architecture: LIN Architecture
Location: Lvhua Town, Chongming Island, Shanghai, China
Building Area: 42m2
Site Area: 140m2
Client: Rac Studio
Design Team: Lifeng Lin (Finn Lam), Jiawei Lyu
Collaborators: Racstudio Team
Photography: Songkai Liu, Jiawei Lyu, Lifeng Lin (Finn Lam)

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