Transparent Dome

Smiljan Radic Unveils a Transparent Dome for Alexander McQueen Fashion Show

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Transparent Dome

A troupe of decorated women strides up a black stairwell onto a transparent dome stage! A splendorous take on fashion statement unveiled by Smiljan Radic inflates up in a transparent bubble-form showcasing Alexander McQueen’s fashion gala in London.

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Transparent Dome

The cloud-like structural imagination of the Chilean architect Smiljan, illustrates the most celebrated Alexander McQueen’s artistry and exceptional technical oeuvre, weaving into the voracious transparent domed vision. The fashion design team intended to bring the everyday environment, the elements of city and office life in the model’s attires, which perfectly exhibited in the cityscape’s background.   

Transparent Dome

The spring/summer 2022 womenswear collection featured an exquisite style in the transparent dome on the rooftop of a car park in the tobacco dock. The event marked a homecoming for the British fashion house, where they exude their inspiration from London’s ever-changing and turbulent skies.

“We moved from water–and the mud on the banks of the Thames–to the sky and the ever-changing, all-encompassing magnificence that represents. The artwork for the prints in this collection was shot from the rooftops of the studio where we are lucky enough to have the most incredible views of the city: from Saint Paul’s Cathedral to the London Eye,” said Sarah Burton, Creative Director of Alexander McQueen.

Transparent Dome

The architectural bubble elevated upon the novel idea of storm chasing, knitting a sense of mystery and excitement while embracing the future. The crystal-clear execution of the fashion expo literally roars to be one with the world that is bigger and more powerful than we are. The circular arrangement of the seating arena provides a circular rampway for the models to walk a step and take a stand in high esteem. Steel tensile cables clasp the entire bubble intact and appear to be expanding over its arching elements.

As the fashion models take on the floor and music throbs in rhythmic vibes, the Transparent Dome indeed uplifts in an ecstatic vigor, the radial expanse consents guests to feel sheltered and adds the impression of being afloat in a sophisticated bubble.    

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