melike altinisik

PA Talks 60 – Melike Altinisik

In Episode 60 of PA Talks, we had the privilege of discussing with Melike Altinisik, an award-winning architect, designer, and educator.

PA Talks 20 – Melike Altinisik

Tune in to the PA Talks interview series featuring Melike Altinisik, an Istanbul-based practicing architect and founder of Melike Altinisik Architects (MAA) with Hamid Hassanzadeh, founder of ParametricArchitecture. Melike Altınışık is an award-winning architect, designer, and educator, who is dedicated to developing an innovative approach towards architecture, urbanism, and design. Her work aims to develop the relational thinking capacities of architecture in relation to design technologies.

Gulsuyu Cemevi and Cultural Center by Melike Altınısık and Gul Ertekin

Melike Altınışık and Gül Ertekin have shared with us their proposal for the Istanbul Gulsuyu Cemevi and Cultural Center Competition. Hosted by Maltepe Municipality of Istanbul, Turkey, the competition asked participants to design a religious and cultural complex for the Alevi population (a religious minority group practicing Islam) that can serve modern society’s needs and honor past culture.

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