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Seoul Robot & AI Museum

MAA – Melike Altınışık Architects participates in the 2nd edition of the ‘2022 Archi-Collection’ Exhibition & Auction organized by the Architecture Design Institute of Korea in Seoul, South Korea, alongside Seoul Robot & AI Museum l RAIM Hologram-MAA.

The goal of the ‘Archi-Collection’ exhibition since its first edition in 2018 has been to “find architectural design legacy and disclose its future significance; to enhance public knowledge of architectural design, and to establish a culture where individuals may treasure connected works.” This event aims to raise awareness of important works in modern architectural history while also preparing the private archives at Korea’s first architecture museum.

Seoul Archi-Collection will display thirty unique works by seventeen internationally renowned foreign and Korean architects. The show will run from May 7 through May 27, 2022, at POSCO The Shape Gallery in Seoul.

Seoul Robot & AI Museum

On May 7, 2022, Seoul Robot & AI Museum welcomed visitors with a special lecture by Melike Altınışık, followed by an Auction Event featuring works by internationally renowned architects such as Alvaro Siza, Christian Portzampar, Daniel Libeskind, Jeongjoon Lee, Eun Young Yi, Seogoo Heo, Steven Hall, and others.

Furthermore, the proceeds from the auction will be donated to charity. ADIK—Architecture Design Institute of Korea—will support this event alongside a children’s organization, the Good Neighbors.

Seoul Robot & AI Museum


‘A Timeless Scenography of Unseen Moments’

With the timeless scenography of unseen moments, the experimental performance that RAIM presents in its own universe tells its own tale.

It’s time to perform!

Everything begins and ends in a fraction of a second; in fact, each moment signals the beginning and end of the “memories” that have been forming in the mind. All of these moments are investigated by dissolving everything that forms around them.

Last but not least

Make sure to check Robot Science Museum by Melike Altinisik Architects and read about this amazing project with international recognition. Also, you can watch Hamid Hassanzadeh’s interview with Melike Altinisik, the Istanbul-based practicing architect and founder of Melike Altinisik Architects (MAA), in PA Talks 20.


Exhibition: 2022 Archi-Collection
Exhibition Institution: ADIK – Architecture Design Institute of Korea
Architect: Melike Altınışık Architects-MAA
Design: Melike Altınışık
Creative Media Lead: Bengü Özmutlu
Visual DesignTeam: Bengü Özmutlu, Ece Tunca
Assistant: Umut Kapdağ
Sound: Single Moment – Prigida, Elite Alliance Music; Epic Elite (Music Publishing)

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