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Picture of Asli Say

Asli Say

Picture of Asli Say

Asli Say

DesignMorphine Webinars 2

Our world nowadays revolves around data. Softwares and codes are weaving intricate webs of computational connections in immersive dimensions. Design tools and graphic systems constantly

Interview with Fran Silvestre

“We like to apply to architecture the concept of Effective Beauty,” Fran Silvestre tells to PA House on The Cliff  – Photo by Diego Opazo

Camboo Pavilion by Luca Poian Forms

Italian Studio Luca Poian Forms, Designed Camboo Pavilion for the Building Trust’s 2017 International Bamboo Festival in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Italian Studio Luca Poian Forms,

Bamboo Pavilion by ZUO STUDIO

Bamboo Pavilion Designed by ZUO STUDIO Expresses the Natural Beauty of Taiwan in the Industrial City of Taichung ZUO studio designed and constructed the ‘Bamboo

Amphibio by Jun Kamei

AMPHIBIO is a 3D printed amphibious garment which function as a gill. Designed for a future where humankind lives in very close proximity with water,

Louvre Abu Dhabi by Ateliers Jean Nouvel

Abu Dhabi’s New Architectural Landmark by Ateliers Jean Nouvel With a Giant Geometric-Patterned Dome Abu Dhabi‘s new architectural landmark by Ateliers Jean Nouvel with a

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