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Author: Asli Say

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Berlin-based practice, STERLING PRESSER Architects + Engineers have designed the WH-Arena project for Vienna to create

"We like to apply to architecture the concept of Effective Beauty," Fran Silvestre tells to

Italian Studio Luca Poian Forms, Designed Camboo Pavilion for the Building Trust’s 2017 International Bamboo

Bamboo Pavilion Designed by ZUO STUDIO Expresses the Natural Beauty of Taiwan in the Industrial

The Durotaxis Chair is a fully 3D printed multi-material dual position rocking chair designed by

AMPHIBIO is a 3D printed amphibious garment which function as a gill. Designed for a

Abu Dhabi's New Architectural Landmark by Ateliers Jean Nouvel With a Giant Geometric-Patterned Dome Abu Dhabi's

Studio Gang's Solar Carve Tower, a 10 Story Commercial Building in New York City Has

The PortHole Pavilion by TOMA! in La Grande-Motte, France The PortHole, is an ephemeral anamorphic pavilion that

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