Crystal Space City, Futuristic Floating Universe Envisioned By CAA Architects & LEGO

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Crystal Space City is the outcome of a partnership between CAA architects, under the leadership of Liu Haowei, and Lego China, using the LEGO toy’s Crystal Growth principle. Crystal Space City is made up of tiny cube modules that can be used to build a house, a city, or even an entire planet. The renderings reveal that the vertical metropolis can be relocated to any location.


The entire space colony can be imagined as being transported by spacecraft, which simultaneously provide energy and make up the city’s entire energy supply. “Spacecraft are more than just carriers for other spacecraft. In the near future, they might develop into cities that never stop growing and perhaps turn into Noah’s Arks that bring in new human civilizations, “said Liu Haowei, founder of CAA.


The design of the spaceship allows it to “go around the cosmos” without using up all of its energy. According to the team, the “AI in the wide universe controls and modifies the energy crystal. It absorbs the surrounding material energy for its own purposes through gravitational accretion.” The design aims to prepare the path for the ideal human home of the future, as CAA describes.


CAA Architects states that “this super energy crystal is controlled and adjusted by AI in the vast universe.” It uses strong gravitational accretion to capture the surrounding material energy for its own use. It achieves the change from energy to matter and builds the perfect world at the end of the predefined trajectory of matrix material expansion. Additionally, Crystal City recycles every type of pollution and converts it into renewable resources. It can fly to space or even to any part of the cosmos because of the adaptive autonomous recycling mechanism, which allows it to leave the constrained living habitat.


Project Info:

Category: Infrastructure
Design Date: 10/2020
Status: Concept
Design Team:
Host Architect:
Liu Haowei
Design Team: Ye Wenjie, Joseph Kahaya COLLABORATORS
Science Consultant: Lean Camel
Filming Partner: LEGO China
Visual Consultant: FANCY

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