January 25, 2021

PA Talks 32 – DesignMorphine – Webinars 2

In this episode of the PA Talks series, the prolific master tutors of the upcoming webinar by DesignMorphine – Chantal Matar, Radul Shishkov, Keyur Mistry & Mateusz Zwierzycki are in conversation with PA. They exclusively cover a wide range of topics – Bionic Articulations, Contorted Compositions, Kinetic Correlations & Scripted Synergies for the webinar.

PA Talks 31 – Chad Oppenheim

Tune into an insightful discussion in the PA Talks series with Chad Oppenheim, Miami-based architect and founder of Oppenheim Architecture on his prolific works. Oppenheim works have been praised for their ability to transform the prosaic into the poetic. Through passion and sensitivity towards man and nature, Oppenheim creates monumental yet silent architecture that elicits a site’s inherent power.

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