Future[tectonics]: Exploring intersection between technology, architecture and urbanism

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Dear Parametric Architecture community,

We’re so excited to announce our first limited-edition book, Future[tectonics]! This book isn’t just about designing buildings. It’s about big ideas like sustainable cities, digital twins, 3D printing, and artificial intelligence – and how they change how we create our world.

“In Future[tectonics], we have collected a set of insightful articles that showcase our commitment to creativity and innovation. It presents a synthesis of visions and ideas that challenge the status quo in architecture.”

Hamid Hassanzadeh

This publication explores crucial questions: Can regenerative design strategies actively heal our planet? How can technology create vibrant, inclusive urban spaces? What wisdom can we gain from nature’s intricate designs through biomimicry? As we envision the future of our cities, let’s also ask: Can AI help us create adaptable cities? How can big data optimize urban systems? Will digital twins revolutionize how we plan our built environment? These questions and many more invite us to imagine a future where our cities exist in harmony with nature, driven by innovation and a deep commitment to the well-being of all.

The Parametric Architecture team believes in sharing ideas and discussing how new technology shapes our work. We see a future where art, stories, engineering, and science work together to build amazing places. Our community is growing, and together, we’ll keep pushing for innovation, a healthy planet, and creative design that will make a better future.

Lastly, a huge thank you to everyone who helped us make this happen.

The Future[tectonics] is currently available to view only for Digital Members. If you’re not a member, we are offering a %50 discount for the first year of the annual membership (Coupon Code: PAACADEMY).

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Managing Editor: Serra Utkum Ikiz
Contributing Editor: Reyyan Dogan
Introduction: Hamid Hassanzadeh
Cover Image: Fluid Forms, ETH Zurich, © Photo by Dominik Vogel
Year of Publication: 2024
Collaborators: Arpitha Shivashankar, Cas Esbach, Didar Akin, Ida Rasouli, Ionna Mitropoulou, Jacob Lehrer, Massimo Russo, Melih Gurcan Kutsal, Osama Nair, Sandra Baggerman, Sara El Masri, Seyma Olcay, Xiangyu Zhang, Yasmin Abdullayeva
ISBN 978-625-98308-0-3

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