Foster + Partners completes new buildings for Techcombank in Vietnam

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Techcombank HQ Hanoi

A new 22-story office for Techcombank HQ has been finished by Foster + Partners in Hanoi, just outside the old city’s historic quarter. Also has a new 21-story office tower in Ho Chi Minh City that was built by the office.

Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners, said: “We are delighted to announce that the first of our two new buildings for Techcombank is now open. The design of the tower emphasizes interconnectivity between the bank’s various departments – and an offset core creates large, open-plan floorplates that allow the company to respond to changing market conditions with ease.”

Techcombank HQ Hanoi

The departments that deal with customers and banking are at the base of the Hanoi HQ, so they are easy to access. On the other floors, top management and other internal departments are located. Some areas on Level 7 are open to both workers and the public so that everyone can eat and hang out together. On the top two floors, there is a bar and an outdoor patio with great views of Hoan Kiem Lake and the skyline of Hanoi.

Toby Blunt, Senior Partner, said: “The fusion of greenery and technology is an integral part of the project. Our ambition was to create a high-tech garden, inspired by the Vietnamese landscape. On the ground floor, we have designed curved seating clusters, which are surrounded by greenery and allow private conversations to take place, while also providing views through the space.”

The design of the Hanoi building is inspired by the city’s urban fabric. The lower part of the structure is constructed on a human scale to reflect its public nature and is covered in warm, earthy materials and screens that harmonize with the neighboring buildings in the old quarter of Hanoi. The upper floors feature a predominately glass facade that provides wide views of the city. The building’s main entrance is a large opening in the facade, while the lobby is set back from the external screens to create a buffer zone between the inside and outside areas. The lobby is filled with filtered natural light that floods through the screens, creating an open and bright atmosphere without excessive solar gain.

Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio, Foster + Partners, said: “Our latest building for Techcombank in Ho Chi Minh City creates a welcoming and collaborative office environment, to attract the top talent to their workforce. Driven by environmental analysis, the building’s orientation and innovative shading system helps to maintain a comfortable internal environment, while three central atria fill the office spaces with natural light and enhance visual connections.”

Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City

Where the Techcombank Ho Chi Minh City is built and the setbacks that need to be made determine its size. The main entry is off of Le Duan Boulevard, and the second entrance is on Nguyen Du Street. The building is on a plot with two fronts. The tower is made up of two blocks that go up and down. The heart is in the back, facing the hotel next door. The amenities floor for workers is in the space between the two blocks that is set back from the wall.

Toby Blunt, Senior Partner, Foster + Partners, said: “The design of the screen has been heavily influenced by local crafts such as bamboo weaving, which is manifested as a metal mesh panel that allows some light to pass through, creating a delicate shaded pattern.”

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