Biodesign in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Deep Green by ecoLogicStudio

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 Deep Green

ecoLogicStudio, founded by Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, presents their new book entitled “Biodesign in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Deep Green.”

EcoLogicStudio, a design innovation studio, has come a long way since publishing its first book, “Systemic Architecture: Operating Manual for the Self-Organizing City”, ten years ago. The studio has established close links with renowned academic institutions, such as the University of Innsbruck, The Bartlett UCL in London, and the IAAC in Barcelona. The recently published volume showcases the studio’s evolution by highlighting some of the most significant projects completed between 2012 and 2022. This includes Pasquero and Poletto’s practice-based PhDs, which are also featured in the collection.

Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto, while sharing my faith in post-industrial technologies: “The book invites us to think about Artificial Intelligence as a slime mold, a spider web, a microalgae colony or a mycelium network. Like these organisms, the architectures and the landscapes envisioned and built by ecoLogicStudio embody intelligence in their morphology, material behavior, and aesthetic appearance. Consequently, ecoLogicStudio proposes design innovations that do not seek to extract energy and raw resources from the planet. They grow and evolve through the re-metabolization of waste or the filtration of pollution, in what appears to be a constant regenerative process, a new kind of artificial circularity.”

The 364-page book is divided into two main parts. Part One, named PhotoSynthetica, proposes design solutions such as photosynthetic architecture, bio-digital sculptures, and cyber-gardens in the public realm that engage the urban microbiome and aim to achieve immediate impact. It starts with an introduction by Sir Peter Cook. The second part of the book, Deep Green, is wrapped up masterfully in the epilogue by Prof Mario Carpo.

Book Title: Biodesign in the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Deep Green
Authors: Prof Claudia Pasquero and Dr Marco Poletto
Foreword: Sir Peter Cook
Afterword: Prof Mario Carpo
Academic Contributions: A selected pool of researchers from the Synthetic Landscape Lab at Innsbruck University and from the Urban Morphogenesis Lab at Bartlett UCL have been contributing to the book with four essays.
Publishing House: Routledge, 2023
Language: English
Page Number: 364
Color Illustrations: 150
Format: Hardback, paperback, eBook
Dimensions: 254mm x 178mm
Graphic Design: WWW Stuudio

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