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Daydreaming with Artificial Intelligence

Ebrar Eke is an architect and designer based in Vienna. She is in the completion of the MArch program in Studio Greg Lynn at the Die Angewandte (University of Applied Arts Vienna) which focuses on innovation and technology in architecture. She is currently researching on Linguistics based Diffusion Models and generative design techniques.

Ebrar shared her AI experience with PA. Let’s dive into her creative world.

We start to enter an era where the agency of architecture is shared. Ebrar creates her works at the intersection of linguistics, architecture, and technology. Even though it has been shared before between design professionals, now Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms start to enter not only into the feasibility and the execution of the project but also into the design process. There is now co-authorship with Artificial Intelligence and the designers more than ever.

With the recent developments of machine learning, in specific Linguistics-based Diffusion Models, language is increasingly repositioning itself as a central mode of representation and understanding of architecture. These models are trained with massive datasets like the LAION-5B archive of over 5 billion image-text pairs. This gives designers access to a vast pool of sorted data and enables them to work with language and image synthetically.

These tools are opening up possibilities for new methodologies to be established and allowing AI and architects to be in constant dialogue in a collaborative way. With these tools, materiality, spatial qualities, and the appearance of a building can be abstracted into a language symbol system.

Daydreaming with Artificial Intelligence

These tools could potentially enable architects to design more quickly and efficiently, by allowing them to generate visualizations of their designs based on text descriptions in the very early phase of the design process. They also help designers to explore a wider range of design options and more easily collaborate with clients and other stakeholders.

AI-based text-to-image tools could potentially make the design process more efficient, flexible, and collaborative.

According to Ebrar, during image generation, process architects are in constant communication with a machine. They can change materiality, spatial qualities, compositions, or light conditions with words only. These tools give so much flexibility to the designers and open up endless possibilities.

Find more AI-generated works by Ebrar Eke.

Parenthetically, If you are curious to dive deeper into Artificial Intelligence, you can check out the “AI Conceptual Architecture – Studio Hassan Ragab” workshop by PAACADEMY.

Prompt: Museum stands on a hill on the Princes’ Islands in Istanbul overlooking the Sea of Marmara, waterfront museum with viewing terraces connected to nature designed by Ryue Nishizawa and Zaha Hadid, fragmented volumes connected by walking paths and nature, folded concrete building, rolled architecture, curves, openings that are open to the sky, octane rendering, 8k, hyperrealism, high resolution
Prompt: Vernacular minimalist atrium with lush landscaping, ramps, and bridges linking different floors, Zarrara, wide angle, architecture, rendering, Zaha Hadid, MAD architects, Tadao Ando, Mies van der rohe, high octane render, wide angle futuristic style, luminous glass window, atmospheric lighting, Hyper Detail, 32k, OLED, Octane Rendering, realistic, unreal engine 5, PBR render +Unreal Engine, V-Ray + photography, extreme detail, high contrast, cinematic atmosphere, 32k
Prompt: hyper-realistic offshore oil rig in the middle of the ocean, huge steel columns carrying structure, ships around the ocean, biophilic future mixed-use housing designed by Zaha Hadid and MAD architects, lightweight structure steel façade curves, wind turbines on top of the building, oil platform converted into housing, close up full-scale drone photography, octane rendering, hyperrealism, high resolution, rule of thirds, volumetric lighting, 8k
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