Nidus3D completes North America’s first 3D-printed 3-story building

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Nidus3D completed North America’s first 3D-printed 3-story building and the world’s first 3D-printed basement in Canada. The building has a 420 sqm floor area and was built using a COBOD construction 3D printer.

Previously, Nidus3D also built North America’s first 3D-printed 2-story building in 2022. Now, they beat their achievement by building a 3-story building.

The building is approximately 12.5 meters tall and has 3 full stories, which were 3D printed with concrete and locally sourced materials. Its exterior features traditional brick with a classical aesthetic. This project features the world’s first 3D-printed basement. Unlike traditional basements, this one was printed by placing the 3D printer directly within the excavation, resulting in an easily accessible walk-out basement.


Hugh Roberts, co-founder of Nidus3D, said, “Nidus3D is proud to be the first in North America to successfully construct a three-story structure, including the below-grade basement, in 3D-printed concrete. This project demonstrates what can be accomplished by combining Nidus3D’s industry-leading expertise and engineering with world-class 3D Printing technology.”

Philip Lund-Nielsen, COBOD Co-founder & Head of Americas, said: “We are very proud to see nidus3D beat their record by 3D printing the first 3-story building in our hemisphere, a feat that other COBOD customers outside North America have also achieved previously. Completing the world’s first 3D printed basement is another impressive achievement that only amplifies the technology potential to transform construction, and we notice with pride that multiple of our customers are pioneering what can be achieved with the 3D printing technology.”

Also, in 2023, COBOD completed Florida’s world’s largest 3D-printed horse barn. This horse barn sits on 940 sqm, making it almost 50% larger than the previous record-holder in the Middle East. Additionally, by using COBOD International’s BOD2 construction 3D printer, architecture students from Woodbury University, in partnership with Emergent, built LA’s first fully 3D-printed net-zero energy house.

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