How to get the best result in DALL-E 2? Step-by-step guide

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Zhe Li via Midjourney Architecture 1.0 / Studio Tim Fu

DALL-E-2 is a popular AI image generator that generates visuals based on verbal prompts and internal descriptions. It’s an excellent tool for designers, photographers, and other creatives looking to save time. DALL-E-2 uses text prompts to generate images, alter existing images, and create multiple variations of the same image. It’s comparable to Midjourney but from a different perspective. Let us look into it.

How to create an image with DALLE-2?

Alyne Rankin via Midjourney Architecture 1.0 / Studio Tim Fu

1. Sign up for an account with DALL-E-2 using your email.

2. After you sign up, you will earn 50 free credits in the first month and 15 free credits in the second month. Each credit allows you to create four photos.

3. Look through the inspiration images to get a sense of the types of text prompts that the DALL-E-2 AI image generator can generate. These can be used as a starting point for creating your own bespoke images.

4. Consider a text prompt that describes the image you want to generate. To ensure that the AI generates the image you want, be as descriptive as possible.

5. Enter your text prompt into the search field and press the “Generate” button. Remember that each generated image costs one credit, so make your text prompt count.

6. Based on your word prompt, DALL-E-2 will generate four distinct image options. Examine each image and choose the one that best represents your vision.


7. You can use the editor to add or delete components from the image if you wish to make adjustments. You may also use the eraser tool to eliminate unwanted sections of the image.


8. When you’re satisfied with the finished image, you can save it or share it on social media.


9. Keep in mind that if you download the image, you will no longer be the accredited artist unless you add your own modifications to it.

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How to get the best result in DALL-E 2?

Hassan Ragab via AI Conceptual Architecture 2.0
  • Before creating an image, having a clear concept is critical. This can range from a singular object to a scenario or character. The clearer your notion, the easier it will be to create an image corresponding to your vision.
  • To generate an image using DALL-E-2, you’ll need to enter keywords. It is critical to select keywords that accurately reflect your concept. For example, if you want to create an image of a “red house,” you must enter those keywords to ensure that the resulting image matches your vision.
  • Along with the correct keywords, using descriptive language will help DALL-E-2 understand your notion better. Instead of just typing “building,” you could type “parametric grey building with square green windows.” DALL-E-2 will have a better concept of what you’re looking for as a result, increasing the likelihood of providing an accurate image.
Cherine Husseini via Midjourney Architecture 1.0 / Studio Tim Fu
  • DALL-E-2 can generate a wide range of graphics based on various phrase and concept combinations. Don’t hesitate to try various combinations to determine what works best for your vision.
  • After you’ve created an image, you can change the resolution and size to meet your requirements. Higher-resolution photos generally offer higher quality, but they may take longer to develop. It’s critical to strike a good balance between quality and quickness.
  • It is necessary to refine and iterate in order to create the perfect image. To achieve the greatest results, don’t be scared to refine and iterate on your concept and keyword inputs.
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